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Q: What NFL team has the most Notre Dame players?
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What NCAA team has most NFL players in past 10 years?

Notre Dame

What team has the most wins at Notre Dame stadium?

Notre Dame because they play their the most!

Which college team has had the most natinal campenships in football?

notre dame

What college team sells the most team merchandise?

Texas have u seen all the stuff they have

What college team with the second most nfl players all time?

Through Week 12 of the 2008 season, that is USC with 417. Notre Dame has the most with 496.

What ncaa football team is most popular world wide?

Notre Dame

Which team all time has put the most players in the NFL?

Through the 2008 season, that is Notre Dame with 496 players that have been on an NFL roster for at least one game. Second is USC at 417.

What makes the Notre Dame football team so famous?

Notre Dame is well known for being the Irish football team, and also for the achievments the team has accomplished. Notre Dame has claimed 11 national championships; however, their last was 1988.

Which NCAA Division team has the most bowl wins in college football?

Notre Dame

What team did the Notre Dame play in the 1925 Rose Bowl game?

Stanford .... Notre Dame won 27-10.

Which college football team is the most valuable according to forbes?

Notre Dame-101 million

From 1960 to 2008 which team has the most national championship n college football?

Notre Dame