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Micheal Vick

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Q: What NFL player was selling crack?
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What is the number 1 player jersey sold in the NFL?

Right now, Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo is the highest selling jersey, not only the number one selling jersey in the NFL but of all major sports.

Was Young Jeezy a crack dealer?

yes he has been selling crack since he was twelve.

Is Justin Bieber selling crack?

No, he is certainly not!

Average height for NFL player?

The average height for an NFL player is approximately 5'11. The tallest NFL player was 6'9, while the shortest NFL player was 5'3.

What does killers in the projects selling water mean?

they're selling crack and you'l get killed if you try to run in

When did Rapper T Pacheco start selling crack?


Why are bo and luke duke on probation?

they were on probation for selling crack.

How much jail time do you get for selling crack?

It is important to abide by the laws provided to citizens. Selling the drug crack-cocaine can lead to 1-10 years in jail depending on the amount,and to whom it was being sold.

What happened when the slaves got to the West Indies?

they started selling crack

Did Jay-Z sell drugs?

yeah in his lyrics he mentions hustlin (drug dealing) i think he was selling crack cos he mentions pipes and stones, which are to do with crack.

Who was the first player in the NFL when the NFL started?

the nfl started in 1936 and the first player was Jay Berwanger

Who is the weakest NFL player?

The weakest NFL player is Ray Lewis

How long did gucci mane attend college?

3 year's after selling crack

What was the average NFL player salary in 1975?

In 1975 the average NFL player salary was 56000 dollars. The average salary for an NFL player in 2014 is 1.9 million dollars.

Who makes more money a NFL player or a dentist?

Generally an NFL player.

Who is a spanish NFL player?

Ray Rowe is a former spanish NFL player

Does an NFL player have to practice to play?

Yes, an NFL player needs a lot of practice to play.

Who was first female nfl player?

There has yet to be a female NFL football player.

How does an arena football player go to the NFL?

An arena football player can get to the NFL by going to a NFL tryout. Many people are able to get into the NFL by participating in a tryout.

Who does a crackhead get money for crack?

Most often, the money comes from selling federally funded food stamps. Occasionally, the crack head will perform "services" for money.

What is the best selling DVD player on the market?

As of now the best selling DVD player is the PlayStation 4 gaming console. In the past the PS2 was the highest selling DVD player.

What is the number one selling NFL jersey?

brett farve

What were the top selling NFL jerseys in 2007?

Tom brady

The fourth largest selling licensed brand in the world?


What are some common activities that can occur inside a crack house?

The most common activity that can occur inside a crack house is the selling of drugs. Other activities that occur inside a crack house include sex and violence.