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Shula/Marino - 116

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Q: What NFL coach quarterback combination has the most wins?
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What top 3 NFL coach quarterback combinations has most wins?

shula and marino knoll and bradshaw belecheck and brady

What division II coach has the most wins?

What coach in Division II football has the most wins?

What quarterback has the most wins?

Tom brady

Most winning quarterback?

The most winningest quarterback in the NFL is Brett Favre with 186 wins

Which NBA coach has the most wins?

Don Nelson has the most wins.

What NFL Quarterback has the most wins?

Brett Favre does with 186 wins currently.

Who holds the most quarterback wins?

Brett Favre, with 169 wins as a starter.

What quarterback has the NCAA record for most wins?

Kellen Moore with 50 wins.

Who has the most wins in the NFL at quarterback?

Brett Favre

Who has the most wins by a OU quarterback?

Steve Davis

What Wisconsin quarterback has the most wins?

darrell bevel

What coach and quarterback have the most super bowl wins?

If you're talking about separately which coach and then what quarterback have the most Superbowl rings then here it goes. Don Knoll, Steelers coach who led the team from 1969-1991. He has more rings than any other coaches at 4 by winning Superbowls 9, 10, 13, 14. Tony Montana of the 49ers and Terry Bradshaw of the Steelers. each have 4 Superbowl wins putting them ahead of every other quarterback (Bradshaw didn't start in Superbowl X). A couple of guys who are nipping on the heels of all the aforementioned records are Bill Bellichick and Tom Brady. Each guy has 3 Superbowl wins, the only currently active coach and quarterback to have that.

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