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Steve Young

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Q: What NFL QB has rushed for the most Touchdowns?
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Which NFL QB has thrown for the most touchdowns?

Brett favre, with 297tds

What NFL QB threw the most interceptions returned for touchdowns?

Bret favre

What NFL QB has the most rushing touchdowns in a single game?

steve young

What QB threw the most touchdowns in NFL 07 season?

Tom Brady with 50.

Which NFL quarterback and receiver combination have the most touchdowns?

The Peyton Manning - Marvin Harrison connection holds the NFL record in receiving touchdowns between a QB and WR with 110 td's, thru week three of the NFL season.

Who has the Most QB touchdowns in career?

Brett Favre

What NFL QB has thrown 6 touchdowns in one playoff game?

Tom Brady!

What QB threw the most touchdowns in NFL 2008 season?

That was a tie between Philip Rivers of the Chargers and Drew Brees of the Saints with 34.

What college QB has the most rushing touchdowns in a career?

Tim Tebow

What NFL QB has thrown the most touchdowns in one year?

It is 50 by Tom Brady of the New England Patriots in the 2007 season. Manning is second and Marino 3rd.

Who played Most at NFL QB?

The most games played by an NFL QB is 273 by Brett Favre between 1991-2008.

What QB in the NCAA has the most single game passing touchdowns?

C. Keenem - 9

Which NFL quarterbacks have rushed for over 1000 yards?

Michael Vick is the only NFL quarterback to rush for 1,000 yards in a season. Bobby Douglass had the most rushing yards in a season by a QB before Vick.

Who is the most underrated QB in the NFL?


What active NFL QB has the most fumbles?


Longest rushing touchdowns by an NFL qb?

On October 27, 2013 (QB) Terrell Pryor of the Oakland Raiders ran a 93yd touchdown run against the Pittsburg Steelers

Who was the fastest QB in the NFL to 100 touchdown?

Nick Rippy passed for 100 touchdowns in 34 games for the Dallas Cowboys from 2001-2003.

Most career touchdowns?

qb joe montana hb emmet smith wr jerry rice

Doug Williams NFL qb?

NFL QB Doug Williams

What active NFL QB has the most comebacks?

Brett Farve

What NFL team has had the most starting QB's?

da bears

What NFL qb had most consecutive games?

Brett Farve.

Who is First QB to throw 400 touchdowns?

Dan marino

What is the average height and weight of an NFL QB?

The average height of a NFL QB is 6'3". The average weight of a NFL QB is 230 pounds.

What qb has throan most int?

The NFL QB to throw the most Ints in history is Brett Favre, with 310 career ints.