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The coach that coached entirely during the Super Bowl era who has the most wins without winning a Super Bowl is Marty Schottenheimer with 200 between 1984-2006.

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Q: What NFL Coach has the most NFL victories without ever winnning a Super Bowl?
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What Head coach has the most Super Bowl victories?

Chuck Noll, steelers.

Which pro football coach has Super Bowl wins with more than one team?

As of Super Bowl XLII, no coach has coached two different teams to Super Bowl victories.

Was there ever a coach that won the most super bowls?

Chuck Knoll of the Pittsburgh Steelers holds the NFL record for most Super Bowl victories with 4.

What coach led his team to the most Super Bowl victories?

Chuck Noll won an unprecedented four Super Bowl titles with the Pittsburgh Steelers (Super Bowls IX, X, XIII and XIV).

Who has most Super Bowl victories?

The Pittsburgh Steelers won the most Super Bowls with 6 victories.

Who is the winningest coach in Super Bowl history?

Through Super Bowl XLIV, that would be Chuck Noll of the Pittsburgh Steelers with 4 victories (SB IX, X, XIII, XIV).

Who is Winningest coach in super bowl history?

Through Super Bowl XLIV, that would be Chuck Noll of the Pittsburgh Steelers with 4 victories (SB IX, X, XIII, XIV).

Who has 4 Super Bowl rings without playing a down?

the head coach

Top 3 coaches with bowl victories?

# of Super Bowl Victories by a Head Coach: 4 Chuck Noll, Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Victories: IX, X, XIII, XIV Super Bowl Appearances: IX, X, XIII, XIV Winning Percentage: .1000 3 Bill Walsh, San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Victories: XVI, XIX, XXIII Super Bowl Appearances: XVI, XIX, XXIII Winning Percentage: .1000 Joe Gibbs, Washington Redskins Super Bowl Victories: XVII, XXII, XXVI Super Bowl Appearances: XVII, XVIII, XXII, XXVI Winning Percentage: .750 Bill Belichick, New England, Super Bowl Victories: XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX Super Bowl Appearances: XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX, XLII Winning Percentage: .750

Which NFL head coach has the most Super Bowl wins?

As of the 2011 season, Chuck Noll, who was head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowls IX, X, XIII, and XIV, is the head coach with the most Super Bowl victories with 4. Bill Walsh of the 49ers, Joe Gibbs of the Redskins, and Bill Belichick of the Patriots each won 3 and Doc Rivers has 6

Have the New York Giants ever won a Super Bowl?

Yes, first with QB Phil Simms then, with Jeff Hostetler , the coach was Bill Parcells. And their latest two Super Bowl victories were Super Bowl XLII played in 2008 and Super Bowl XLVI played in 2012. The Head coach was Tom Coughlin and the QB was Eli Manning.

What NFL head coach is the one to win back to back Super Bowls twice?

Chuck Noll. Led the Pittsburgh Steelers to victories in Super Bowl IX (1975), Super Bowl X (1976), Super Bowl XIII (1979), and Super Bowl XIV (1980)

What years did Bill Belichick win three Super Bowls as New Englands head coach?

Bill Belichick directed the Patriots to victories in Super Bowls XXXVI (2001), XXXVIII (2003) and XXXIX (2004).

How are the Pittsburgh Steelers better than the Philadelphia Eagles?

Six Super Bowl victories for the Steelers. Zero Super Bowl victories for the Eagles.

Who was the first head coach to lead his team to 6 super bowl titles?

No head coach has won 6 superbowls. The man closes to 6 superbowl victories is Chuck Noll with 4. Don Shula is the only coach to lead his team to 6 Superbowl appearances.

Who is the youngest head coach to coach in the Super Bowl?

Coach Tomlin

How do you get in the school comp in super coach?

u have to enter when u subscribe to super coach

What quarterback has the most Super Bowl victories?

As of the 2007 season, Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw are tied for the most Super Bowl victories with 4.

What two NFL teams both have 4 Super Bowl losses without any victories?

Minnesota Vikings and Buffalo Bills.

Who won the 2nd most super bowls?

The Cowboys and the 49ers each have 5 victories after the Stellers 6 victories.

Who was the patriots coach in Super Bowl xx?

The Patriots coach in Super Bowl XX was Raymond Berry.

First team to 4 Super Bowl victories?


How many Super Bowl victories does John Elway have?


Would the giants coach be the oldest coach to win the Super Bowl?

Yes, Tom Coughlin is the oldest head coach to win a Super Bowl.

Who is the only coach to lose a Super Bowl with 2 different teams without winning once with either team?

Dan Reeves, who lost three Super Bowls as head coach of the Denver Broncos (XXI, XXII, XXIV) and one as head coach of the Atlanta Falcons (XXXIII).