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Duke depaul

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Q: What NCAA basketball teams with the same mascot played against each other in the championship game?
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Who played in 1985 NCAA basketball championship?

villanova georgetown

Who were the 2011 National Basketball Association champs?

The 2011 National Basketball Association Champions were the western conference Dallas Mavericks. The Mavericks played against the eastern conference Miami Heat. The championship that the Dallas Mavericks won was the first ever NBA Championship for the team.

Who played in the Women's 2009 NCAA Basketball Championship Game?

Connecticut beat Louisville, 76-54, in the Women's 2009 NCAA Basketball Championship game.

How many Basketball Championship games has Miami Heat played in?


Where will the Men's NCAA Basketball Championship game be played?

New orleans

Where was the site of the first NCAA men's basketball championship?

The finals of the 1939 NCAA Division I basketball championship, the first ever, was played at Patten Gymnasium in Evanston, Illinois which was home to the Northwestern University basketball team.

Who played unc in 2005 ncaa basketball championship game?

University of Illinois

Was the Men's NCAA Basketball championship ever played on a Tuesday night?

Count of count of

What was the song played 2008 womens basketball championship game?

"Ever Ever After" by Carrier Underwood

What two college basketball teams played in the 2008 NCAA Men's Championship game?


Who played Michigan state in the 1978-1979 basketball championship?

Indiana State and Larry Bird.

Did Larry bird and magic Johnson ever play each other in a basketball game before the 1979 NCAA championship?

No, they never played against each other until that game in 1979.