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The Utah Jazz and Chicago Bulls in the 1997 NBA Championship Game.

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Q: What NBA teams played in 1997?
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What NBA teams played in the finals in 1997?

The Portland Trailblazers and Philadelphia 76ers played, with the Trailblazers winning the title.

Where are the NBA games played?

NBA games are played in stadiums of a teams state

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Which NBA teams have never played for a NBA championship?

los campeches de lumpeca

What NBA teams did Shawn Bradley play for?

Shawn Bradley has played for three NBA teams. He played for the Dallas Mavericks, the Philadelphia 76ers, and the New Jersey Nets.

Who played for the most NBA teams in history?

Chucky Brown played for 11 teams between 89-01

What NBA teams has Derrick Fisher played for?

lakers! lakers!

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Which teams played in the NBA finals in 2001?

The lakers and the nets

What NBA teams were in the 2006 NBA playoffs?

Dallas and heat played in the finals then the HEAT WON

What two teams competed in the 1997 and 1998 NBA finals?

Bulls vs Jazz

How many nba teams have carmello Anthony played for?

Carmello Anthony has played for 2 teams thus far in his NBA career: The Denver Nuggets and the New York Knicks (present).

Who are coaches that played in the NBA finals and coached NBA finals teams?

Phil Jackson and Pat Riley

How many college basketball teams are there in 2009 in the nba?

Obviously, there are only NBA teams in the NBA, not college teams.

What two teams played for the NBA Champion in 2008?

Lakers and Celtics

How much teams are in the NBA?

There are 30 teams total in the NBA.

How many teams are in the NBA presently?

30 NBA Teams

What movie and television projects has Matt Guokas been in?

Matt Guokas has: Played himself in "The NBA on CBS" in 1973. Played Himself - Color Commentator in "1995 NBA All-Star Game" in 1995. Played Himself - Color Commentator in "The 1996 NBA Finals" in 1996. Played Himself - Color Commentator in "1996 NBA All-Star Game" in 1996. Played Himself - Color Commentator in "The 1997 NBA Finals" in 1997. Played Himself - Color Commentator in "1997 NBA All-Star Game" in 1997.

What teams where in the NBA finals in 1997?

The 1997 NBA finalists were the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz. The Bulls won the series and grabbed their 6th NBA Championship crown. Michael Jordan won the finals MVP award.

Teams that Gary payton played on in the nba?

He played for the Sonics, Bucks, Lakers, Celtics, and the Heat.

Who has coached the most NBA teams?

How many different NBA teams

How many NBA basket ball teams are there?

there are 30 teams in the nba

How many NBA teams are in all?

there are 30 basketball teams in the NBA.

How many NBA teams in 2011?

There are currently 30 NBA teams.

What teams played in the NBA finals in 1996 and who won?

The two teams were the Seattle SuperSonics and the Chicago Bulls who were the winners.