What NBA team never won a NBA series?

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Q: What NBA team never won a NBA series?
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What team has been in the NBA the longest and never won an NBA championship?

LBJ's team the Cleveland Cavaliers

What NBA team won the most world series?

no nba team ever won the world series --------------------- Assuming that the question is actually "What team has won the most NBA Championships", the answer is the Boston Celtics with 16. No one else is in double digits (unless you add the 9 by the LA Lakers to the 6 of their predecessor team, the Minneapolis Lakers).

What team in NBA has never won a playoff game?

timber wolves

Team won the 1974 nba championship?

The Boston Celtics won the 1974 NBA championship. They won the series against the Milwaukee Bucks 4 to 3.

What NBA team Never won the world championship?

dkjdsjkdksiss Washington wiszards

What was the name of the team who won the first NBA final?

The Philadelphia Warriors won the first NBA Championship in 1947 against the Chicago Stags. They won the series 4-1.

Have the rangers baseball team ever won the World Series?

The Rangers have never won the world series

What city hs never won a championship of any kind witha all 4 major sports teams?

I know Utah has only one proffessional team in the jazz who have never won a nba championship series.

What nba team has been to the finals but never won a game?

none r-tard

What Major League Baseball haven't won a World Series?

What MLB team has never won in the world series

Who has won the World Series but not the Super Bowl?

Every team that has ever won the World Series, never won the Super Bowl.

What team won the nba champen in 2013?

The team that won the NBA Championship in 2013 was the Miami Heat.

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