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Larry Sanders plays for the Milwaukee Bucks.

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Q: What NBA team does Larry Sanders play for?
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What college did NBA player Larry Sanders play for?

NBA player Larry Sanders played for Virginia Commonwealth.

How tall is Larry Sanders?

NBA player Larry Sanders is 6'-11''.

How much does Larry Sanders weigh?

NBA player Larry Sanders weighs 235 pounds.

How old is Larry Sanders?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NBA season, Larry Sanders is 25 years old.

How much money does Larry Sanders make?

NBA player Larry Sanders made $3053368 in the 2013-2014 season.

In what kind of sport does Larry Sanders participate?

The sport Larry Sanders plays is basketball in the NBA. Born November 21st in Fort Pierce, Florida. He was drafted to play for the Milwaukee Bucks 2010 1st round (15th pick).

Does Larry bird own a NBA team?

Larry Bird does own the Celtics

Do each player get the Larry o'brien trophy?

No, the Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy is a trophy awarded to the team that wins the NBA Finals.

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What nba team did Larry bird coach?

for college indiana state and for nba Boston Celtics

Who is left to play which team?


What is the Larry Bird exemption?

The Larry Bird exemption is the the exemption given to an NBA team to exceed their Salary Cap in order to accomodate the increase of salary of a superstar player, which will be determined by the NBA