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According to Database Basketball, there have been five Davidson alumni to play in the NBA: Fred Hetzel, 1965-1970

Rod Knowles, 1968

Mike Maloy, 1970-1972

Dick Snyder, 1966-1968

Brandon Williams, 1997-2002

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Dwight Howard, shaq, half the laker teaam, michal Jordan and LeBron James

Actually, none of those players in the previous answer went to Duke. Howard skipped college, Shaq went to LSU (and he's out of the league, anyway), Jordan went to UNC (decidedly NOT Duke), and LJ didn't go to college ANYwhere. Carlos Boozer is still in the league, Mike Dunleavy is still in, and there should be a handful of others.

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Q: What NBA players went to Davidson College?
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