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Bill Russel

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Q: What NBA player was on the most championship teams?
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What NBA teams has the most championship wins?

Lakers and Celtics

NBA teams which team has been at the championship the most?

Boston Celtics

How many NBA teams play in the championship?

Only two NBA teams play in one year's championship game.

What nba player has the most championship games?


Do both teams in the nba get championship rings?


How many times did the Boston C eltics win the NBA championship?

The Boston Celtics have won the NBA Championship 17 teams, the most by any team.

Who is player has the most championship ring in the nba?

Bill Russall

Which NBA player has the most NBA championship today?

Bill Russell had 11 championships

How many NBA teams do not have a championship ring?


Which NBA player owns the most championship rings?

Bill Russell has won 11 NBA championships as a player

What does each NBA player receive for winning the NBA championship?

a championship ring

Which NBA teams have never played for a NBA championship?

los campeches de lumpeca

NBA - player with most championship titles?

Bill Russell, ended his career with 11 championship rings

How many teams in the NBA havent won a championship?


What NBA teams have the most championship?

the Boston Celts with 17 championships ... the LA Lakers have 16 championships ...

After Bill Russell who has the most NBA championship rings as a player?

Sam Jones with 10 NBA titles.

What active NBA player has won ncaa championship and NBA championship?

Richard Hamilton

What player has won the most championship for the NBA?

Bill Russell- 11 championships

Which NBA player has the most consecutive championship rings?

Bill Russell from the Celtics

Which NBA point guard has the most NBA championship rings today as an active NBA player?

Derek Fisher as 5 rings

How an NBA player can win a NBA ring?

they have to win a championship

What NBA player has played in the most NBA championship?

bill Russel he has won eleven rings from 1957-69

What two teams was battling for the NBA championship in 2008?

The lakers, and the celtics

What were the nba championship teams of 1999?

The LA Lakers won in 1999

Which NBA players have won the most championship?

Bill Russell won the most nba championship rings