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A Nascar driver will have the best sponsor only if the driver has certain characteristics. For example, the Nascar driver will have to be charismatic and a good driver who is ranked highly.

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Q: What NASCAR driver has the best sponsor?
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Who gets the Nascar sponsor the driver or the car's owner?

the owner but the driver is who endorses that company

How much is a NASCAR driver's salary?

It all depends on how many races a driver is winning and the sponsor's that they have.

Who is currently the best NASCAR driver?

Jeff Gordon is the best NASCAR driver.

How much free stuff do Nascar driver's get from their sponsors?

This is completely up to the sponsor and the details outlined in the sponsors contract with the driver.

Can a female be a NASCAR racer?

Yes, they can. Just like a male driver, they just have to have the talent and be able to find an owner and acquire a sponsor. If a female driver is that good, she will be able to stay in the Nascar ranks.

What sponsor has the star like logo on the shoulder of most Nascar driver's racing suits?


What sponsor has the star-like logo on the shoulder of most Nascar driver's racing suits?

The sponsor is called Alpinestars. They make racing suits and clothing.

Who is the highest paid NASCAR driver?

A NASCAR driver is paid by his or her team owner, as a salary or whatever deal they agree to. Earnings are entirely different, as they includes a driver's winnings, appearances, product endorsements, souvenir sales and possible sponsor payments. I think the highest paid NASCAR driver today is Jeff Gordon.

Who was the last Nascar driver to win a Winston Cup race without a corporate sponsor?

Darrell Waltrip

What is the average cost to sponsor a Nascar race car?

The amount of money to sponsor a NASCAR race car can vary by the driver. Some only cost $25,000 per race while others can be up to $1 million per race.

Is Kasey Kahne NASCAR's best driver?

Definitely not. The best driver in NASCAR is either Tony Stewart or Jeff Gordon. No, but he is a very good driver.

Is Jeff Gordon the best Nascar driver ever?

He is considered the best in Nascar's modern era.

If I were a successful Scottish stock car driver how would I go about getting into American Nascar racing through an American sponsor or otherwise?

To become a NASCAR driver, you must first drive on a local track and win their championship series. If you do, you will become eligible to join the NASCAR Touring Series which will help get you ready for a future stint with NASCAR.

How do NASCAR drivers get paid?

Salary (from sponsor) + bonuses (from lots of sources) + % of prize money (% differs by driver) = lots of money

Who is the best NASCAR driver?

The best NASCAR driver of all time is Dale Earnhardt. He had seven championships and seventy six wins before his tragic death in 2001.

Who sponsors the number 12 NASCAR car?

Sprint Cup driver Brad Keselowski drives the #12 Dodge with AAA Insurance as a sponsor.

Who is the best NASCAR driver at the moment?

Kyle Busch

Who is the best NASCAR driver in the US?

Jimmie Johnson!!

Is Firestone Tire a NASCAR sponsor?

Firestone tire is a NASCAR sponsor. Some of the cars use firestone tires other cars use NASCAR tires. Firestone also sells NASCAR tires in addition to their own brand.

Who is the best race car driver?

The best NASCAR driver is Dylan Taylor

Who is the NASCAR driver for Kia?

There is not a Nascar driver for Kia.

Who has had the same sponsor for the longest time in NASCAR?

I believe it is Jeff Gordon with the DuPont sponsor.

Who drives the Coors sponsored NASCAR car?

Currently, Coors does not sponsor a car in Nascar.

How can you continue to sponsor Carl Edwards in Nascar when he wrecked another driver on purpose?

Because his racing endeavors bring publicity to his sponsors, good and bad, and on balance it is beneficial to his sponsors.

How much do sponsors pay to put their logo on a Nascar car?

It varies, it depends on the success of the team and/or the drivers popularity, Dale Jr. hasn't won that many races but do to his Father he is very-very popular and sponsor's will pay more to sponsor him then another driver.