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Miguel Yan plays for the Milwaukee Brewers.

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Q: What MLB team does Miguel Yan play for?
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How tall is Miguel Yan?

MLB player Miguel Yan is 6'-01''.

Does Miguel Yan bat right or left?

MLB player Miguel Yan bats left.

Does Miguel Yan throw right or left?

MLB player Miguel Yan throws left.

How much does Miguel Yan weigh?

MLB player Miguel Yan weighs 211 pounds.

How old is Miguel Yan?

As of the 2014 MLB season, Miguel Yan is 25 years old.

What MLB team does Yan Gomez play for?

Yan Gomes plays for the Cleveland Indians.

Where was Miguel Yan born?

MLB player Miguel Yan was born in La Romana, Dominican Republic.

What position does Miguel Yan play?

Miguel Yan is a starting pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers.

What is Miguel Yan's number on the Milwaukee Brewers?

Miguel Yan is number 65 on the Milwaukee Brewers.

How tall is Yan Gomez?

MLB player Yan Gomes is 6'-02''.

Does Yan Gomez bat right or left?

MLB player Yan Gomes bats right.

Does Yan Gomez throw right or left?

MLB player Yan Gomes throws right.

How much does Yan Gomez weigh?

MLB player Yan Gomes weighs 215 pounds.

How old is Yan Gomez?

As of the 2014 MLB season, Yan Gomes is 26 years old.

Where was Yan Gomez born?

MLB player Yan Gomes was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

How much money does Yan Gomez make?

MLB player Yan Gomes made $513000 in the 2014 season.

What position does Yan Gomez play?

Yan Gomes is a catcher for the Cleveland Indians.

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