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Casey Janssen plays for the Toronto Blue Jays.

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Q: What MLB team does Casey Janssen play for?
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How tall is Casey Janssen?

MLB player Casey Janssen is 6'-04''.

Where was Casey Janssen born?

MLB player Casey Janssen was born in Orange, CA.

Does Casey Janssen bat right or left?

MLB player Casey Janssen bats right.

Does Casey Janssen throw right or left?

MLB player Casey Janssen throws right.

How much does Casey Janssen weigh?

MLB player Casey Janssen weighs 205 pounds.

How much money does Casey Janssen make?

MLB player Casey Janssen made $4000000 in the 2014 season.

What MLB team does Casey Crosby play for?

Casey Crosby plays for the Detroit Tigers.

What MLB team does Casey Fien play for?

Casey Fien plays for the Minnesota Twins.

What MLB team does Casey McGehee play for?

Casey McGehee plays for the Miami Marlins.

What MLB team does Casey Sadler play for?

Casey Sadler plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

What MLB team does Casey Coleman play for?

Casey Coleman plays for the Kansas City Royals.

What MLB team does Casey Kelly play for?

Casey Kelly plays for the San Diego Padres.

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Who was the first girl to play on a MLB team?

Major League Baseball has never had a girl play on any team.

How tall is Casey Coleman?

MLB player Casey Coleman is 6'-01''.

How tall is Casey Crosby?

MLB player Casey Crosby is 6'-05''.

How tall is Casey Fien?

MLB player Casey Fien is 6'-02''.

How tall is Casey Kelly?

MLB player Casey Kelly is 6'-03''.

How tall is Casey McGehee?

MLB player Casey McGehee is 6'-01''.

How tall is Casey Sadler?

MLB player Casey Sadler is 6'-04''.

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What MLB team does dan uggla play for?

Atlanta Braves

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Where was Casey Crosby born?

MLB player Casey Crosby was born in Kaneland, IL.

Where was Casey Kelly born?

MLB player Casey Kelly was born in Sarasota, FL.