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Austin Jackson plays for the Detroit Tigers.

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Q: What MLB team does Austin Jackson play for?
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Austin Adams plays for the Cleveland Indians.

What MLB team does Austin Romine play for?

Austin Romine plays for the New York Yankees.

How tall is Austin Jackson?

MLB player Austin Jackson is 6'-01''.

What MLB team does Brett Jackson play for?

Brett Jackson plays for the Chicago Cubs.

What MLB team does Edwin Jackson play for?

Edwin Jackson plays for the Chicago Cubs.

What MLB team does Jackson Williams play for?

Jackson Williams plays for the Colorado Rockies.

What MLB team does Ryan Jackson play for?

Ryan Jackson plays for the San Diego Padres.

Does Austin Jackson bat right or left?

MLB player Austin Jackson bats right.

Does Austin Jackson throw right or left?

MLB player Austin Jackson throws right.

How much does Austin Jackson weigh?

MLB player Austin Jackson weighs 185 pounds.

How much money does Austin Jackson make?

MLB player Austin Jackson made $6000000 in the 2014 season.

Is Austin Jackson in Major League Baseball the show 2010?

In "MLB 10 The Show," Austin Jackson is on the default rosters that MLB 10 The Show comes with however if you have access to download updates then he is available on the roster updates, he'll be with his proper team of the Detroit Tigers on the roster updates as well.

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What is Austin mahone favorite baseball team

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