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Alberto Callaspo plays for the Oakland Athletics.

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Q: What MLB team does Alberto Callaspo play for?
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How tall is Alberto Callaspo?

MLB player Alberto Callaspo is 5'-09''.

Where was Alberto Callaspo born?

MLB player Alberto Callaspo was born in Maracay, Venezuela.

Does Alberto Callaspo throw right or left?

MLB player Alberto Callaspo throws right.

How much does Alberto Callaspo weigh?

MLB player Alberto Callaspo weighs 225 pounds.

How much money does Alberto Callaspo make?

MLB player Alberto Callaspo made $4875000 in the 2014 season.

Does Alberto Callaspo bat right or left?

MLB player Alberto Callaspo can bat right or left (i.e. he is a switch hitter).

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