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Yankees Stadium

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Q: What MLB stadium has the largest seating capacity?
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What stadium in the MLB holds the most people?

As of the 2012 season, the current Major League Baseball (MLB) team with the greatest seating capacity is the Los Angeles Dodgers' Dodger Stadium, with a total seating capacity of 56,000.

What is the biggest major league baseball stadium?

Dodger Stadium has over 56,000 seating capacity...The biggest Stadium in the MLB

What baseball stadium has the most seats?

The largest stadium (capacity-wise) currently in use by an MLB team is Dodger Stadium. Capacity 56,000.

What is the largest MLB stadium?

Dodger Stadium ,56,000 people

What is the largest ballpark?

Dodger Stadium is the largest MLB ballpark.

What is the minimum seating capacity needed for a city to qualify as host an mlb nfl nhl and a nba team?


Which baseball park seats the fewest people?

Officially Oakland Coliseum @ 35,067,. However, the Athletics share the park with their NFL counterpart, i.e. Raiders. Accordingly,seating capacity can be substanially increased to accomodate situations such as playoff & world series games. Thus, the lowest seating capacity of all dedicated baseball parks in MLB is Kauffman Stadium @ 38,177, home of the Kansas City Royals. * For NFL games, Oakland Coliseum seats 63,000.

What is the largest stadium in the MLB?

Professional sports teams are constantly building bigger stadiums for their fans to enjoy. Right now the biggest in Major League Baseball is Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

Which MLB stadium has the highest altitude?

The Coorado Rockies stadium. Coors Field.

Who has the smallest mlb stadium?

Red sox

What is the largest mlb stadium from home plate to outfield wall?

Fenway Park is one of the shortest to the corners of the outfield, but the centerfield triangle extends to about 420'.

What other MLB stadium opened on the same day as Fenway Park?

Tiger Stadium

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