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Frank Robinson ...Dave Winfield ..Fred McGriff..Vladimir Guerrero

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Q: What MLB players had 1000 hits in both leagues?
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What players have 1000 hits in national and American leagues?

Dave Winfield, Frank Robinson, Fred McGriff and Vladimir Guerrero.

Which Major League Baseball players had 200 hits in both leagues?

Five players have recorded 200 hits in a season in both leagues: George Sisler, Al Oliver, Bill Buckner, Steve Sax, and Vladimir Guerrero. MLB keeps these stats at the link attached below.

What MLB players had 200 hits in both leagues?

Reggie Smith never had a 200-hit season. There are five players who've recorded 200 hits in a season in both leagues: George Sisler, Al Oliver, Bill Buckner, Steve Sax, and Vladimir Guerrero.Answerreggie smith, bill buckner, Steve sax might be more now.

Who are two active players in major league baseball with 1000 plus hits for two teams?

and Vlad Guerrero. A-Rod and Griffey both are very close (900+ hits with two teams).

Who are the active players with 1000 hits at one stadium?

Jeter Helton Chipper Jones Garrett Anderson

Who are the current players with 1000 hits in one stadium?

Derek Jetter, Garret Anderson, Todd Helton, and Chipper Jones

What baseball players have 1000 hits in one stadium?

Todd Helton, Chipper Jones, Garrett Anderson, Derek Jeter.

How much do hockey players make?

I assume you mean NHL hockey players although you can make money playing hockey in several different leagues. NHL salary varies based on individual contracts and cap hits. Too many variables.

Which four players have 1000 hits for two different teams?

jimmy jim albert encarnacion babe ruth willie mays

Who are the two active major league baseball players with 1000 hits with two different teams?

vladimir guerreo, manny ramirez

What ideas are there for ladies golf member guest theme?

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What players who had more than 1000 hits after they reached 36?

Five players had 1000 + hits including and after their "Age 36 season" (a player's age on June 30)Pete RoseSam RiceHonus WagnerPaul MolitorCarl YastrzemskiThis doesn't quite answer your question, because it doesn't take into account exact birthdays, but it should be pretty close. It might give some of the guys at the bottom extra hits, or rob guys below 1000 of hits. For the record, three more guys had 900 + hits during and after their age 36:Craig Biggio, Ty Cobb, and Carlton Fisk.

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