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Outside of the 5 players who were already mentioned because they did it in one game, I can only think of one:

Jose Oquendo of the Cardinals.

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Q: Which players have played all nine positions in a career?
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What is the most positions played by a single player in a MLB game?


Who played all nine positions in one major league game?

Bert Campaneris.

How did Steve Lyons get the nickname Psycho?

Steve Lyons got the nickname Psycho because he was one of three players to have played nine positions in one game. He also took his pants off after reaching first base during a game.

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Each team consisted of nine players.

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His career spanned nine seasons, 2000-8, with the Rams and the Chiefs. He played in 112 games and recorded 21 touchdowns, mostly on returns.

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The positions are:PitcherCatcher1st BaseSecond BaseShortstop3rd BaseLeft FieldCenter FieldRight FieldSo there are nine positions.

What does are you a pitcher or a catcher mean?

Of the nine positions in baseball, pitcher and catcher are the 2 most critical, requiring the greatest level of skill. These 2 players touch the ball on virtually every pitch and therefore have the greatest impact on the outcome of the game. So when a coach is assembling his team, he'll often ask prospective players if they are a pitcher or catcher because those are the first positions he'll want to fill.