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You were no longer allowed to "thumb" the ball. This meant sticking your thumb in side the "head" near the bottom, on top of the ball preventing it from coming out.

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Q: What Lacrosse rules were changed because of Jim Brown?
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Were lacrosse rules ever changed?

Yes, the rules change a little bit every year.

Where can one find the rules for the sport Lacrosse?

The rules for the sport Lacrosse can be found on many online sites such as US Lacrosse, Dick's Sporting Goods, Wikihow, Laxpower, and Inside Lacrosse.

What are some lacrosse books?

* lacrosse for dummies * lacrosse:technique and tradition *lacrosse: rules, tips , strategy and safety

What year were the rules of lacrosse standardized?

It is difficult to say that the rules of lacrosse are standardized. Each league and age group has slightly different rules and each group was set up at different times.

What are some rules for inter-lacrosse?

find the chicken.

Why is lacrosse important?

Well besides the fact that Lacrosse is a very famous sport that many men and woman play it was also invented by the Native Americans (the Lakota or Sioux Indians to be exact) and the idea has been passed on and the rules have changed to what we call LAX or Lacrosse. The name was different when the Indians created the sport but i'm not sure what that was.

What is indoor lacrosse called?

indoor lacrosse is called box lacrosse. it is played mainly in canada. In box there are also different rules about your stick, gear, and general gameplay.

Is lacrosse cool?

AnswerDefinitely. It's a great sport, but it could use more publicity. There are many people who don't even know the sport exists. Boys lacrosse is a lot more physical, and a little more fun to watch, were in girls lacrosse, you really can't even check people. For guys, its a pretty cool sport because it's a tough sport, and girls will admire that. For girls, it's fun, but some of the rules should be changed for sure. Anyway, overall, lacrosse rocks. -laxgirl18

Can rules Ever be changed?

Yea, rules are not Laws neither are they commandments. For that reason rules can be changed.

When was Rules Changed Up created?

Rules Changed Up was created in 2011.

How many years after lacrosse was first written about were the basic rules created?


Is a full wooden shaft allowed in high school lacrosse?

This question may contain a lot of different answers because there are different rules about this everywhere. I'm not a very big fan of lacrosse but for this answer you are going to have to ask your coach. Your coach may know the answer to this.