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nothing, a player will normally be there to catch it and play on.

It's not a score because field goals must be attempted on a scrimmage down, not on a free kick like a kickoff. The only exception is the fair-catch kick, which allows you to attempt a field goal immediately after a fair catch.

Therefore, if a kickoff goes through the uprights (and subsequently lands out of play), it is simply a touchback for the receiving team.

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Not possible. Unless there was a tornado, which would result in the game being stopped anyway, there is no way the wind would be calm and let the ball go through, then suddenly blow it back out. If by some miracle it did happen, it would count, as all the ball has to do is get through the posts. After that, it doesn't matter what happens.

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The same thing when a ball carrier crosses the goal line and gets pushed back. It's a score!

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Q: What If a field goal is kicked through then gets pushed out by wind?
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