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My Basketball team. We scored 296 points, they scored 4 points

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Q: What Highest basketball single score by one team?
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What is the 3rd highest Score in basketball for 1 team?

The Nets

What is the highest single team score in ncaa division 1 football?

The highest score for a single team is 222. Georgia Tech beat the University of the Cumberalnds. It was in 1916.

Highest single team score in nfl?

84 in 2010 by Eagles

What was the highest team score in college basketball history?

134 points Duke in 2002.

What is the highest score by a single team in the nba?

nuggets 24 heat 6

Who has the highest score in an olympic basketball game?

team usa beat nigeria 156-73

Who has the Highest single team score in college football since 1950?

A good guess would be Houston defeating Tulsa 100-6 in 1968. That's the highest single-team score I know of in that time period.

What is the highest basketball score by one team?

It is 186 by the denver nuggets and the second highest was by the Detroit pistons in the same game with 184

How does a team score in basketball?

a team scores by the basketball going threw the basketball hoop

What is the highest team shooting percentage in a single game in NCAA men's basketball history?


ON a basketball team who leads the team on the floor in setting the strategy to score?

ON a basketball team the coach leads the team on the floor in setting the strategy to score

What was the highest score in High School basketball?

I can only speak for Missouri, but the highest combined score in a high school game was 243 between Central (126) and Vashon (117) on 2/1/80. The highest score by a single team in a single game was by Dixon High School that dropped 172 on Stoutland high on 12/2/68. Don't know how Missouri compares to the rest of the US.

What is the highest score by a team in cricket world cup 2011?

Highest score by a team was 370.It was scored by team India.

Highest score in MLB game?

100 is the highest a team can score before the other team will forfeit.

What is the highest score a team has ever had in a basketball game?

The most points scored by an NBA team in a single game was 186 points by the Detroit Pistons. On December 13, 1983 the Pistons beat the Denver Nuggets 186-184.

What men's college basketball team has scored the most points in a single game and how many points did they score?

Troy 256

Which team made highest score in an ipl?

The highest score by a team in an innings is 246-5 by Chennai Super Kings in 2010

What is the highest single team score in an NFL game?

72 by Washington against the N.Y. Giants on Nov. 27, 1966

What is the highest team innings in Cricket World Cup?

The highest score achieved by a single team at the Cricket World Cup was 413-5, achieved by India against Bermuda at the 2007 competition.

What is the objective on a basketball?

The objective in basketball is to score points for your team to win. The team that has the most points wins the game.

How does the basketball team score?

A team player makes a shoots the ball in their hoop

What is the highest score in in a test match in a single day by a team?

Bangladesh is the Team who scored 492 Runs against First class A cricketers of the same country

Which NCAA basketball team has the highest GPA?


How do you impress a cheerleader if you are on the basketball team?

make the score and flurt

What is the highest score of Indian cricket team?


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