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Dan Marino!

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Q: What Hall of Fame quarterback threw 5 interceptions in his last game against the Cowboys?
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What quarterback threw the most interceptions in one season for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

In 1955, Jim Finks threw 26 interceptions, that was the most by a Steelers quarterback in one season.

What college quarterback threw the fewest interceptions in a season?

tim tebow

How many interceptions does Tony Romo have for one game?

In a Monday night game on October 8, 2007, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo threw five interceptions against the Buffalo Bills at Orchard Park, N.Y. But the Cowboys won the game, 25-24, on a last-second 53-yard field goal by kicker Nick Folk. He also threw five interceptions in an October 1, 2012 contest against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field in Chicago. The Cowboys lost that Monday night game, 34-18.

What NFL quarterback has thrown the most interceptions in a game?

Jim Hardy of the Chicago threw 8 interceptions in a 1950 game. More recently, Ty Detmer of the Detroit Lions threw 7 interceptions against the Cleveland Browns in week 1 of the 2001 season.

What quarterback had the most interceptions in one game?

Jay Cutler last year against the 49ers who had 6 interceptions; and they still almost won, but Cutler threw a interception on the last drive.

Which quarterback has thrown the most interceptions in Soldier Field?

Not since Larry Rakestraw threw five interceptions against Detroit on Sept. 22, 1968, had a Bears quarterback neared the franchise record of seven, set by Zeke Bratkowski, the last rookie quarterback to start for the Bears.

Which NFL quarterback threw the most interceptions in 2007 season?

Carson Palmer

Which quarterback threw the most interceptions in a single game with five?

Rich Gannon.

Which quarterback threw the most career interceptions?

Through the 2008 season in the NFL, that is Brett Favre with 310 career interceptions.

How many Super Bowl interceptions did Terry Bradshaw throw?

Terry Bradshaw threw four interceptions in Super Bowl play. He threw one against the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XIII and three in Super Bowl XIV against the Los Angeles Rams.

What quarterback thrown the most Super Bowl interceptions?

Rich Gannon threw 5 against the Bucs in Superbowl XXXVII (3 were returned for touchdowns)

What Quarterback holds the record for most interceptions thrown in a season?

Most Interceptions ThrownGeorge Blanda (Houston Oilers '62) threw the most interceptions in one season.

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