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Rathmore, Gneeveguilla, Killcummin, and Glenflesk.

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Q: What GAA clubs from Kerry play with Eoghan Rua in Kerry?
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When was St.Kieran's - Kerry - GAA created?

St.Kieran's - Kerry - GAA was created in 1988.

When was St Senans - Kerry - GAA created?

St Senans - Kerry - GAA was created in 1934.

When was Sean O'Mahony - Kerry GAA - born?

Sean O'Mahony - Kerry GAA - was born in 1976.

When was St. Patricks East Kerry GAA created?

St. Patricks East Kerry GAA was created in 1982.

How many GAA clubs are there in Kerry?

There are 2319 clubs in Ireland. All of these would be very different in size. So it is very difficult to know for sure as to how many actual members there are. Total membership would run into hundreds of thousands of people. In addition there would be many people who would follow the sport and attend matches but not be a member of a club.

What is meant by grassroots provision?

Helping the lowest levels of the GAA in terms of the clubs and their facilities. This is the base of the GAA. The network of clubs, over 2500 in Ireland alone, are where the GAA derives its strength. It is built on the clubs. They are the root of the organisation. The ordinary people that run these are what make the GAA what it is, so it is important to support them. So a lot of investment goes into the clubs to help them as they are the grassroots of the GAA. Without the clubs the GAA would not exist, so money earned within the GAA is needed to keep them going.

Where can US children play Gaelic games?

Anywhere there is an Irish community there are possibly some GAA clubs. If you check the North American GAA website, then you may get more information for your area.

Name the GAA clubs in the world?

That would be an impossible task. There are over 2500 clubs in Ireland alone, and hundreds more overseas. Consult the GAA website below:

Where can you play Gaelic football in Melbourne?

If you look at the link below it will give you links to GAA clubs in Australia, of which there are some listed for Melbourne.

Who is the tenant of Fitzgerald Stadium?

The tenant of Fitzgerald Stadium is Kerry GAA in Ireland.

Which Co in Ireland has the second most GAA clubs?


Top 10 scorers in 2009 GAA football championship?

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