What FF means football stats?

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What does ff mean in football?

"FF" stands for "Forced Fumble" When a player knocks the football loose or strips the ball from a player that has full possession of the football is considered a Forced Fumble (FF).

What is the meaning of the abbreviation 'ff'?

FF means forte fortissimo in music!

What does 22P on a FF mean?

22 players on a football field

What does the statistical acronym FF stand for in footbalL?

Forced Fumbles

100 y in a ff?

100 yard in a football field.

What do the symbols pp and ff mean in written music?

in music, pp means "very soft" or "pianissimo"; ff means "very loud" or "fortissimo"

Is ff an abbreviation for the word following?

Yes it is. If you encounter the abbreviation "ff." in a text, it usually means "following", yes.

What does FF stand for in NFL stats?

It stands for forced fumbles.

What is the broadcast MAC address in hexadecimal notation?


What does FF mean?

FF means fast forward, this is the button of tape recorders, Dvd's etc when you want to move the disc/tape cassette forward like the rewind for the back movement. or If you are talking about video games FF normally means Final Fantasy

What does the abbreviation ff stand for?

In the world of music, ff means 'fortissimo' - very loud.

What does the abbreviation FF mean?

if you mean in music, it means fortisimo which means really loud ;)

What is fortissimo?

it is shown as ff in music and means very loud

What ditloid means A B A T 40 T?


What does low hematocrit means for patient with brocho pneumonia?


What is the definition of 2 percent 10 days FF?

Don't know what the FF means. The other usually means you get a 2% discount off your bill if you pay within 10 days.

What type of address is FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF?

That's called the "MAC address" or "Hardware address". It's a unique set of numbers assigned to a network device. Anything that access the internet whether phones, wireless cards, computers, etc, all have a MAC address. The address with all one's (FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF) is the broadcast address. All devices on the physical segment will see and respond to a message with that destination.

What is the ff stand for when seeing them in the footnotes of my Bible?

"ff" means and following. For example, Jn. 3:16ff means the 16th verse of the 3rd chapter of the book of John and the verses that immediately follow that verse. Sometimes, the latin abbreviation et. seq. is used instead of "ff."

What does ff mean after a Bible passage example Ezekiel 40 ff?

ff means 'and following', meaning that the topic of interest continues into the next verses (for a Bible reference) or onto the next pages (for other references.

What does ff mean in music notation?

it means play very loudly

What does ff mean on a computer?

in a computer game it means: Friendly fire

What phenotype will the offspring have if the punnett square is FF Ff FF Ff?

all dominant

What is the phenotype ratio of a cross between Ff X Ff?

If you breed Ff and Ff together you will receive some of every phenotype. You would receive 50 percent Ff, 25 percent FF, and 25 percent ff.

Is ff a true word?

Apparently... It doesn't spell check when you type it. Ff, ff, ff. :D

What would pp 15 ff mean What does it mean when a page number is followed by an f or ff?

It means "and the following", usually when the subject continues to the next page/pages.

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