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Q: What England cricketers have done the treble in one day internationals ie Scored 1000 runs and taken 100 wickets and taken 100 catches?
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How many wickets did Mohammad Hafeez claim in Twenty20 Internationals in 2011?

10 wickets

Which cricketers have taken 300 wickets?

INDIA 300 and i also haver the jewel

Who are the top wicket takers in One Day Internationals?

wasim akram (502 wickets)

Saurav Ganguly wickets catches?

36 36

Who has taken the most wickets in One Day Internationals?

Muttiaha Muralitharan of Sri Lanka (534 wicketes).

Who is third highest wicket taker in one day of world?

Waqar Younis ranks third in the list of cricketers with the most wickets in List A cricket, with 675 wickets in 412 matches.

Which team India beat to record there first win one day internationals?

India beat to record there first win one day internationals against Sri Lanka beating by 7 wickets.

How many wickets has been taken by R. P. Singh?

R. P. Singh has so far taken 40 wickets in Tests, 69 in ODIs and 15 in T-20 Internationals.

Which Indian player has got maximum wickets in international cricket?

The greatest number of catches taken by an Indian wicket-keeper in One-Day Internationals is 178, by Mahendra Singh Dhoni - though this figure is likely to increase, as Dhoni is still continuing his One Day International career as of 2011.

How any catches did gilchrist's take in his test career?

he took 379 catches but in total had 416 wickets with 37 stumpings

Who has the record for most wickets in one day internationals?

The most wicket record in one day international is held by the Indian fast bowler Anil Kumble in which he took 10 wickets against Pakistan.

Who are the cricketers who have scored centuries and took 10 wickets in test matches doesn't have to be in the same match?

ian botham stuart broad