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We have two size for choice, 4.7" for iphone6/6s & 5.5'' for the iphone6/6s plus, and of course we offer the customized services. ww

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Q: What Emori's lycra armbnd compatible with?
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What are the uses of lycra?

Lycra is good for sportswear

How do you calculate lycra content in a core yarn?

lycra %ge= yarn count*lycra denier/5315*lycra draft

Why is lycra waterproof?

lycra is not waterproof, as far as i know

Who is lycra?

Lycra is an artificial fabric used in Feminine togs, like Nylon or Spandex, it is not a person"s name, Laura is, not Lycra.

Is Lycra synthetic fiber?

Yes, Lycra is a synthetic fibre.

Is Lycra woven knitted or bonded?

is lycra woven kitted or bonded

How do you translate Lycra into Russian?

Lycra would sound almost the same = LAIKRA.

What is lycra?

Lycra, a trademark of Invista (formerly part of DuPont) make Spandex.

Is lycra man-made?

Yes......Lycra is a man made elastane fiber.

What would Lycra be like in the furture?

I suggest that in the future swimsuits will be modified with the material Lycra.

What is lycra TM used for?

Lycra is often used in articles of clothing, particularly sportswear where a close fitting garment is required for less wind resistance. Lycra is also used in underwear.

How many years has lycra been around for?

Lycra was invented in 1959 so 53 years.

How does lycra work?

lycra is a material that is elastic and flexible, because of that it can advance you in physical activitys such as swimming and running.

Lycra how does it work?

lycra is a material that is elastic and flexible, because of that it can advance you in physical activitys such as swimming and running.

Would Lycra be used in the future?

Lycra probs wonts be used cause their i nothing else to use it for.

Has anyone bought lycra zentai suits from trustedealcom?

I have bought from them before the black lycra suits and not bad.

Where can one purchase lycra leggings?

There are several places where someone can purchase lycra leggings. People can visit the nearest clothing store or they can purchase the lycra leggings online on sites like Amazon, eBay or Indiamart.

What are some companies that sell lycra shorts?

Shorts made of Lycra, or spandex, are a kind of athletic gear. Lycra shorts are sold by many companies including dhb, Gore, Altura, Castelli, Giordana and Moa Sport.

Is lycra soft?


Where does lycra coem from?


What are the disadvantages of Lycra?

too fluffy

Who invented lycra?

It was invented in 1959 by DuPont chemist Joseph Shivers. Lycra is a brand name of Spandex.

Is lycra a good insulator?

Lycra is not good conductor of electricity. This is what makes it a good insulator together with most of the other fabrics.

Where can I buy comfortable lycra running shorts?

There were some lycra running shorts at nextag, there website is They were about $20. You may however, rethink your decision about these shorts, they are not the most flattering design.

What is more expensive spandex or lycra?

Neither; LYCRA is a world-renowned trademark of INVISTA, but is just one brand of spandex, the coined term for that type of synthetic fiber. There is no difference, since the words lycra and spandex are commonly used interchangeably.