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Q: What Eagles player holds the record for the longest fumble recovery returned for a touchdown?
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Who has the record for longest interception return for a touchdown and how many yards was it?

Ed Reed,108 yards against the Eagles.

Who is responsible for the miracle at the medowands Eagles vs giants?

QB Joe Pisarcik of the Giants fumbled on a handoff attempt, and DB Herman Edwards of the Eagles returned it for a touchdown.

Who had the longest touchdown throw for 2006?

In the NFL, the longest TD pass in 2006 was an 89 yarder from the Eagles' A.J. Feeley to Hank Baskett in a 24-17 victory over the Atlanta Falcons.

Who scored the longest interception in NFL history?

Ed Reed of Baltimore Ravens; he scored a 108-yard intercept return touchdown against Philadelphia Eagles in 2008.

Who has been on the eagles the longest?

Brian Dawkins

Fastest touchdown in the NFL?

Randal Williams, October 12, 2003; 3 seconds. He returned an onside kick to start the game whih the Dallas Cowboys won over the Philadelphia (never have won a Superbowl) Eagles.

Who has the longest interception return for the eagles?

Lito Sheppard

What is the eagles theme song?

fly eagles fly,on the road to eagles fly,score a touchdown one two three.hit em low,hit em high.and watch our eagles eagles fly on the road to victory.E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

What are the lyrics to Fly Eagles Fly?

Fly Eagles Fly On the road to victory Fight Eagles Fight Score a touchdown 1,2,3 Hit'em low Hit'em high And watch our eagles fly Fly Eagles Fly On the road to victory E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!

Who ran the only touchdown against the Chicago Cardinals in the Eagles championship win?

Steve Van Buren

Who has the longest interception return for the Philadelphia Eagles?

Lito Sheppard

A football joke?

Q:How do the Philadelphia Eagles score a touchdown? A:They fly to the endzone. Q:How do the Atlanta Falcons score a touchdown? A:They fly to the endzone too! Q:How do the Arizona Cardinals score a touchdown? A:They also fly to the endzone!

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