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Here are some of the things you should do during tryouts. # Stretch out every muscle before you play. Calves, hammies, quads, shoulders, forearms, etc. Spend about 20 - 30 seconds on each stretch. # Make sure you keep your eyes on the ball the entire tryout. You're not there to make friends. Make friends after the tryout or if the coach(es) want to talk to you. # Leave everything on that court. Go 100%. Run, and use your strength. # Look good. Look natural. You are a great athlete. Now is your time to be graceful. # When adressing the coaches, call them Sir, or Mister until they give you permission to call them by their social names. # Use trick shots. Mix shots up. # Stay hydrated babyyy

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---- You must start conditioning and start practicing your serves and hits. Make sure you know how to handle pressure during a match. Try to get some tennis lessons so that you know if you are carrying out the right moves when you hit the ball. Remember, it looks cool if you can hit and act like a tennis player.----

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In the tennis you should have to do the following things,

At first you need atleast two players. Then atleast one Tennis ball.

When you put serve:

You have to serve the ball from your right side to the left side of the opposite side (beyond the net) but the ball should not cross the service line. if the ball crosses your serve is have another chance to serve. if you put the serve correctly the opponent player will hit the ball back to your place. And you should hit the ball back to his side (within the court line) either with forehand stroke or backhand stroke. if you play singles the ball should fall within or on the singles line, if you play doubles the ball should fall within the doubles line.

These are all the things you should do when you serve.

When your opponent serve:when your opponent serve you should hit the ball back to his side either with forehand or backhand.

This is what to do in the tennis. In short You should play Tennis game.

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Q: What Do You Do in High School Tennis Tryouts?
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