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Arksansa track and feild

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Q: What Division 1 school has the most championships in any single sport?
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What university has the most division 1 championships in one sport?


What state has won all four sport championships in a single year?

No one yet.

What school has the most regular season Big ten Championships. In what sport?


What is the NCAA record for most consecutive championships in one sport?

The NCAA record is 31 consecutive national championships, 1980 to 2010, in Men's Swimming & Diving, Division III, by Kenyon College (Gambier, Ohio). This was the longest streak in any division in any sport in NCAA history.The NCAA record for most total championships in any one sport is the same - Kenyon College - Men's Swimming & Diving - 31 total NCAA national championships.

What school has won the most national championships in the same sport?

Oklahoma state universtiy

What ncaa school has most championships in a sport?

26 USC Trojans Mens Track and Field

Can a school be division 1 for one sport and division 3 for another?

The University of Dayton (Ohio) Flyers are Division I in basketball, and Division III in football.

What NCAA school has the most Div 1 national championships in one sport?

USC Trojans have 26 National Championships in Mens Track and Field.

Can a Division 1 athlete participate in an intramural sport at his school if it is not the sport he actually plays for the school?

Yes, unless the school's intramural sports department has a rule prohibiting it.

Which team won most consecutive NCAA championships?

UCLA has won the most consecutive NCAA Division I Men's basketball championships, but Kenyon Univ has the most consecutive championships in any sport with 30 in DIII Swimming and Diving. Hobart College has the most consecutive team championships in any sport with 12 in D III Lacrosse.

Can a school sponsor one NCAA Division 1 sport?

im so pretty

What NCAA school has the most and most consecutive national championships in one one sport?

The most national championships in any one sport:31 NCAA national titles - Kenyon College - Men's Swimming and Diving.The most consecutive national championships in any one sport:31 consecutive national championships - 1980 thru 2010 - by Kenyon Collegein Men's Swimming and Diving

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