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Q: What Cowboy football player signed a sixty million dollar contract?
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When did Tiger Woods sign his 40 million Dollar contract with Nike?

He signed his 40 million Dollar contract with Nike just after he turned pro in August 1996. He also signed a 20 million Dollar contract Titleist at the same time.

How much money does Marshawn Lynch earn per football season?

Marshawn Lynch has signed a four - year contract of $31 million including a 6 million dollar signing bonus. On an average Marshawn Lynch earns 10 million dollars per football season.

Who had the first million dollar contract in football?

NFL Hall of Famer John Elway holds many records in the league. One which he may not even realize he has is the fact that he was the first million dollar quarterback.

Did Jason Williams have a 100 million dollar contract in the NBA?

ahhh no.

How much money does nick saban make?

He has an eight year and 32 million dollar contract.

Who received the first million dollar contract in the NFL?

John Elway

First million dollar contract in sports?

I think it was Wilt Chamberlain, but I'm not sure. It was Moses Mallone who got the first 1 Million dollar contract for a year. I believe Pistol Pete got a Million Dollar contract over multiple years.

Who signed the first million dollar contact in football?

Kirby Puckett

Who was the first nfl player to sign a 100 million dollar contract?

Brett Favre

Did Joe Namath sign a million dollar contract?

yes he did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he also was a underwear model!

What is Nate Brodie's football team name in million dollar throw?


How much is Luke Walton's salary?

$5,680,000 this year.. He's on a 6 year 30 million dollar contract.. Yes I know, pathetic.