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John Heisman

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Q: What Clemson football coach has the record for best winning percentage while coaching at Clemson?
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What is the longest winning streak between South Carolina and Clemson in football?

That is a seven game win streak by Clemson between 1934-1940

What is Joe Paterno winning percentage?

As of the 2008 season, Joe Paterno's coaching record is 372-125-3 for a winning percentage of .747.

What was the first year clemson played auburn in football?

1899 with Auburn winning 34-0.

How many times has clemson beat South Carolina in a row in football?

The longest Clemson winning streak over South Carolina is 7 between 1934-1940.

What is Ohio State football record vs Clemson?

Through the 2008 season, Ohio State and Clemson have met once in college football. That was in the 1978 Gator Bowl with Clemson winning, 17-15. The game was Woody Hayes' final game as head coach of the Buckeyes.

What football franchise has the best winning percentage?

Highest Winning Percentage, Regular Season Miami Dolphins .580 Highest Winning Percentage, Overall Dallas Cowboys .577

What is Bob Stoops college football winning percentage?

101 - 22 .827 winning percentage as of 2/22/2008

Which college football team has the highest winning percentage of all time?

Michigan has the highest winning percentage and the most wins

In football has best winning percentage in Super Bowls?

The Ravens

What has the author Stan Scarborough written?

Stan Scarborough has written: 'Option football, concepts and techniques for winning' -- subject(s): Coaching, Football, Offense

What has the author Aubrey Hammack written?

Aubrey Hammack has written: 'The winning edge' -- subject(s): Coaching, Football, Football coaches, Biography, Anecdotes

What is the college football won-loss record between Auburn and Clemson?

33-11-2 Auburn leading and winning 13 in a row.

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