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Q: What Chelsea player nicknamed the rock?
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Which chelsea's player's mum nicknamed him tito because she was a big fan of general tito of yougoslavia?

Didier Drogba

Which Chelsea striker was nicknamed jukebox?

Gordon Durie.

Which 2 teams in the premier league are nicknamed The Blues?

Birmingham and Chelsea.

How tall is Chelsea Lee Rock?

Chelsea Lee Rock is 5' 3".

Which pool player is nicknamed red widow?

There is no major pool player that is nicknamed the Red Widow.

What could a metamorphic rock be nicknamed?


Which arsenal player was nicknamed nutty?

Nigel Winterburn is nicknamed Nutty.

Which NBA player is nicknamed the Flash?

Dewayne Wade is nicknamed "the Flash"

When was Chelsea Lee Rock born?

Chelsea Lee Rock was born on July 3, 1988, in South Holland, Illinois, USA.

Is Frank Lampard lead player for Chelsea?

Yes he is a Chelsea player, he joint it in 2001 from West Ham.

What rocks are gold and silver isolated from?

there is a isolated rock called 'Chelsea M' rock

Who is dwayn jhonson?

He is an actor nicknamed 'The Rock' cause he is bloody massive