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Andreas Hinkel (2000-2006 VfB Stuttgart) Andreas Hinkel (2000-2006 VfB Stuttgart)

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Q: What Celtic players have played in bundesliga?
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8 Celtic players to score in old firm games and have played in bundesliga?

that guy up the park kickin the ba wae a bottle o buckie

How many players have played in the bundesliga and the premier league?

There are three German players to play in the E.P.L. they are Ballack , ziege and Huth.

How many Chelsea players played for Celtic?

not many

Which Arsenal players have played for Celtic?

Ian Wright

Celtic players who also played in Germany?


Celtic players played in world cup?


How many players played for Celtic and man united?


Which premiership players played for Celtic?

The Sweedish striker Henrick Larson played many years for Celtic in Scotland, but played only a year for Manchester United.

Who are the players who have played for either Celtic or rangers and played in a world cup final?


Which players have played for Celtic and Aston villa and scored for Celtic in cup finals?

Stillian Petrov And Shaun Maloney

How many french players have played for Glasgow Celtic and hearts?


English football players who have played in German bundesliga?

Owen Hagreaves (currently Manchester United) was the only popular one..

What players have not played for both Celtic and Rangers?

You need to add a list of players to your question, or it doesn't make sense.

What players have played with Celtic and Newcastle in the last 20 years?

Craig Bellamy

Players that have played for both old firm teams?

Alfie Conn - Rangers to Celtic Mo Johnstone - Celtic to Rangers Kenny Miller - Rangers to Celtic Steven Pressley - Rangers to Celtic Mark Brown - Rangers to Celtic

Which players have scored the winning goal in the European cup finals and have also played for rangers or Celtic?

Tommy Gemmill for Celtic in 1967, and Kenny Dalglish for Liverpool in 1978 (played for Celtic) immediately spring to mind. Anyone else?

What six players have played for Manchester united and Celtic?


Which Manchester city players have played for Celtic?

Craig bellamy is the only one i can think of

Who are 5 football players who have played for Celtic and Barcelona?

henrik larsson, Marc crosas,

Players who played for both rangers and Celtic?

mo johnstone,mark brown and Kenny miller. Kenny miller is the only player to have played for rangers then to Celtic and now back at rangers

Celtic players that have scored against rangers and played in France?

Maurice Johnston, John Collins

Which dutch players have played for Celtic and Rangers?

"I think it was Ronald De Boer after he left Barcelona." Not the case - both Ronald and Frank played for Rangers, not Celtic. No Dutch players have played for both - Rangers were linked with ex-Celt Pierre Van Hooijdonk when Dick Advocaat was in charge, Celtic were linked with Giovanni Van Bronckhorst before he left Arsenal. Neither came about.

Which players have played in the Manchester derby Liverpool derby and the old firm derby?

Players that have played for Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Everton, Celtic and Rangers. Obviously.

Name 10 players that have played for Celtic and Chelsea?

tom boyd, davie hay, chris sutton

What is the relationship between northern irish citizens and Celtic football club?

Glasgow Celtic is traditionally a Catholic club and as a result a lot of Catholics in Northern Ireland would support Glasgow Celtic. Players from different parts of Ireland have played for Glasgow Celtic.