What Celtic players have played in bundesliga?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Andreas Thom, Lubo Moravcick, Alan McInally, Paul Lambert, Brian O'neill. Johannes Edvaldsson, Dariusz Dziekanowski, Mark Mcghee, Murdo Mcleod, Vidar Riseth

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Andreas Hinkel (2000-2006 VfB Stuttgart) Andreas Hinkel (2000-2006 VfB Stuttgart)

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Q: What Celtic players have played in bundesliga?
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that guy up the park kickin the ba wae a bottle o buckie

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Rudi Vata Thomas Gravesen Murdo McLeod Mark McGhee Alan McInally Lubomir Moravcik Paul Lambert Brian O'Neil Andrea Thom Dariusz Dziekanowski

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