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Lionel Conatcher

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Q: What Canadian played 2 or more pro American sports?
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Why are American sports are more violent?

American sports are more violent because American's have to get it done right the first time and so they try harder. And when they try harder they get a little more violent.

Is Canadian government more liberal than the American?

The most left wing American party is more right winged than the most conservative Canadian political party.

Can Canadian kids attend American college?

Yes, but there are out of state, and sometimes out of country fees that will make American college for a Canadian more expensive.

What are the 10 sports played at the Olympics?

There is a lot more than 10 sports played at the Olympics, in fact, there are about 380 sports in the summer and winter Olympics combined.

Which sports are played in Armenia?

The sports more played in Armenia are:chess,football,volley ball,weight lifting,and gymnastics.

How different is Canadian football from American football?

Well considering you are talking about gridiron football, Canadian American football has a widerfield, bigger endzones, and more wide receivers.

Sports played in Luxembourg?

sports played in luembourg ?? okay theres football rugby tennis swimming cricket vollyballl and more

Do sports help children?

yes they do. one in three American kids are obese. they should play sports more!

Why don't other countries play American football?

American football is mainly only played in the US, but is somewhat popular in other North American countries. Canada has adopted American football, but gave it a twist which is why it is known as Canadian football. The reason why American football isn't more widespread is that it simply just hasn't caught the attention of other countries, and isn't popular. The most popular sports in the world are football (soccer) and cricket, which were both made popular by the United Kingdom due to their vast empire.

Is soccer more dangerous than other sports?

Soccer is more dangerous than certain sports, but not all other sports. Soccer is not more dangerous than American Football, Boxing, Kickboxing, or Wrestling.

Why is Canadian money worth more than American money?

How do you figure? 1 Canadian Dollar is currently matched to 69 cents US.

What is the difference between individual and dual sports?

Individual sports are played without a team or a partner where as dual sports my be played with two or more individuals. An example of an individual sport is Golf or Singles Tennis. Both sports can, however be played on a team. Most Universities have a Golf or Tennis club (which makes them dual sports as well).

Is sports today are they still played right?

Be more specific!?! what are you talking about!?!

A higher currency makes a country's exports more expensive?

It has to do with exchange rates. Consider the US and Canada. If one US dollar is worth $1.50 Canadian, then US dollars buy 50% more Canadian products than an equal number of Canadian dollars would. But if the value of the Canadian dollar rises, so that it is worth the same as an American dollar, then American dollars buy only the same amount of Canadian products as an equal number of Canadian dollars.

What was the very first sport played?

No one knows for sure. Some sports were played in the beginning of time, the sports just evolved and got more rules and stuff.

What are the different sports that Sport Check deals with?

The Canadian sport store "SportChek" deals with many kinds of sports. Some of the sports they cater toward are hockey, baseball, football, curling, skiing, snowboarding, cycling, golfing and much more.

What are the American's sports except baseball?

Basketball , soccer and volleyball there might be more though

How did the role of American women changes in 1900-1950?

In 1900, 20% of American women were employed outside of the home. By 1950, long after the Great Depression and wars started, women had to go out to work, and even played sports. They were more empowered and outspoken and even fought for more rights.

How many different total sports will be played in 2014?

There are more than 1000 different title sports that are played every year; year in year out. These title sports are usually divided into two, indoor games and the outdoor games.

Has anybody played two or more pro sports at once?

Bo Jackson

What are all the sports played im Madagascar?

at least soccer, maybe more

What sports were played in France in 1940?

Click on the link below for more information.

Why is the Candian dollar worth more than the US dollar?

Actually, as of August 2014, the Canadian dollar is worth slightly less than an American dollar. At that time, a Canadian dollar was worth 91 percent of an American dollar.

Has the emphasis on school sports for girls brought womens sports to a higher standard in America?

yes and has made more women across America played sports Yes it has and in many schools womens sports are just as emphazized if not more than the boys sports like mine for example.

What sports are not played in Australia?

Australians play most sports, even "minority" sports like handball (which is exciting and should be played more). Virtually any sport played overseas is played in Australia. Even American gridiron has a small following. Ice hockey and other ice sports are not popular, because the only way to play them is in indoor skating rinks, since we have a warm to hot climate and ice rinks are expensive to operate. There is an Australian Ice Hockey Association, so it is certainly played. Even "obscure" games such as lacrosse are enjoying a resurgence in school competition.