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The answere is Rugby it is the most popular sport in new zealand

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Q: What British sports are played in New Zealand?
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What traditional British sports are played in New Zealand?

Soccer and rugby

What are the most played sports in New Zealand?

well scince new zealand is so hot i think these are some good summer sports to do ice hockey snow skiing snowboarding tobogoning

What sports are played in new zealand?

Rugby feartures a lot but is not the only sport

Who is better at sports new zealand or Australia?

New Zealand

When was New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame created?

New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame was created in 1990.

What were New Zealand and Australia for the British?

What were New Zealand and Australia for the British

When was New Zealand discovered by the British?

New Zealand was discovered by the British on May 3, 1841. The British hoped New Zealand would become a humanitarian colony. They wanted to protect the settlers there.

What date did New Zealand became a British Dominion?

The Treaty of Waitangi effectively signalled the founding of New Zealand by white settlers, and made New Zealand a British colony. The Treaty was signed on 6 February 1840 by over 500 Māori chiefs of New Zealand and the British Governor William Hobson, representing the British Government. With the signing of the Treaty, Governor Hobson declared British sovereignty over New Zealand, and the colony of New Zealand was formally proclaimed on 3 May 1840.

What is the British word for the British people who colonized New Zealand?

There is no specific British word for this, although in New Zealand, they're called Kiwis.

Are British Shorthair cats popular in New Zealand?

New Zealand does not have very many British Shorthair cats.

What did new zealand give to the british empire?

New Zealand gave the British Empire more money in whaling and trading.

Does New Zealand have a British heritage?

New Zealand has British heritage. This is reflected by the dominant ethnic group in New Zealand, the parliamentary system and the legal system. New Zealand was a British colony from 1840 - 1907. The culture of New Zealand is strongly influenced by this, but also by the culture of the Maori who were residents of New Zealand about 500 years prior to the arrival of Europeans. Other European and Pacific cultures have also had an effect on New Zealand society, but to a lesser extent.

What is the history of New Zealand?

New Zealand became a British colony in 1841.

Why didn't the British give the trade that the Maori wanted?

what did the british trade with the maori when the british first arrvied in new zealand what did the british trade with the maori when the british first arrvied in new zealand

Which sports are not played in New Zealand?

Well, I think this question is best answered by telling you the main sports which would be Rugby, Netball and Football (soccer). But all sports could potentially be played, just not as popular.American sports like Football and Baseball are played, but not very popular.

Is New Zealand better at sports than Australia?

New Zealand is better than Australia at Rugby.

How much are British licence plates worth to sell in New Zealand?

New Zealand

What New Zealand national sport?

New Zealand`s national sport is Rugby, that is their most played and national sport. I was in a class before and we had to pick a country so we picked New Zealand and we had groups to find out about New Zealand, the groups are, Sports, Food, Clothes, Toys, Traditions, and Holidays. and i was in the Sports group. So that is how i no the answer.Thx,WildComet on Horse Isle 1

When did New Zealand become part of the British empire?

New Zealand became a member of the British Empire with the signing of the treaty of Waitangi in 1840.

What is the geico geckos accent?

He sounds Australian and also British at the same time to people. People from New Zealand have the same accent, so he has a New Zealand accent. Not British, nor Australian. New Zealand.

What date did New Zealand become british colony?

In 1840 the Treaty of Waitangi was signed between the British Crown and various Māori chiefs, bringing New Zealand into the British Empire In 1840 the Treaty of Waitangi was signed between the British Crown and various Māori chiefs, bringing New Zealand into the British Empire.

Is New Zealand Sign Language the same as British sign language?

It's similar but not completely alike. New Zealand uses a mixture of British, Australian, New Zealand and Maori sign language, and is actually called BANZSL British, Australian and New Zealand Sign Language). BANZSL is 62.5% similar to British Sign Language (about the same similarity as German and English.)

Were did the silver fern plant come from?

the silver fern comes from New Zealand it is a native to New Zealand and lots of the New Zealand sports teams use it as there symbols

What was the first foreign team to play rugby in new zealand?

IT was Australia. In 1882, New Zealand's first internationals were played when the Southern Rugby Union (later named The New South Wales Rugby Union) toured the country. The first tour by a British team took place in 1888 when a British Isles team toured Australia and New Zealand, but no Test matches were played. The players were drawn mainly from England but did have representatives from the other three home unions

What did New Zealand do during the Civil War?

New Zealand was part of the British Empire at the time.