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As of recent, Chicago and New York City have both bid and were unsuccessful in their attempts to hos thte Olympic games.

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Q: What American cities have wanted to host the Olympics?
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What American cities will host future Olympics?


How many cities will host the 2012 summer Olympics?

London will host the 2012 Olympics

What were the host cities of the summer and winter Olympics in 1969?

There were no Olympics in 1969.

Where will the next summer Olympics?

The next host city of the Olympics will be Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, The cities and countries that host the Olympics are decided well in advance.

What were the host cities of the Winter Olympics?

In Dumas, TX

Who will host the Olympics in 2100?

Host countries and cities are not decided so far in the future.

Which one of these cities is not competing to host the 2016 Olympics?


What countries have hosted the modern Olympic games?

Click on the 'Olympic Games Host Cities' link on this page to see a list of host cities of the Olympics along with reading a short history of the ancient and modern Olympics.There is also a VERY good website: which you can go to, to find out which countries, cities AND what year they hosted the olympics!!!

Which city will host the 2208 Olympics?

A host city for the 2208 Olympics has not been announced. As of 2010, only the next two host cities have been announced: London will host the Games in 2012, and Rio will host the Games in 2016.

Who would be responsible for the Olympics being held in New Zealand?

The city that wanted to host the Games and the National Olympic Committee of New Zealand would be responsible. A formal proposal would be made by the city through the New Zealand National Olympic Committee to the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The IOC would send a questionnaire to the city that wanted to host the Olympics. The questions would be about the city's motivation for hosting the Olympics, existing venues to host Olympic events, what venues would need to be built to host Olympic events, existing police, hotels, and transportation and if the city had enough of these to host an Olympics or would they need more police, hotels, and transportation. The answers to these questionnaires are reviewed by the IOC to determine whether the city has the resources, and can create the resources they don't have, to host the Olympics. The IOC will select five cities and these cities will be in contention to host the Games.

What will be the next country to host 2016 Olympics?

Brazil will host the 2016 Summer Olympics. They will be held in the one of the countries largest cities, Rio de Janeiro.

In which country did the cities of Chamoix.Grenoble and Albertville host the Winter Olympics?


How many cities bid to host the 1984 summer olympics?


What cities will hold the Olympics?

London will host in 2012, Rio de Janeiro have won the right to host in 2016.

Is Luxembourg big enough to host the Olympics?

Yes it is. Cities normally host Olympics and Luxembourg is a country. While it is small it is still more than big enough to host the Olympics. Like any city that has hosted the Olympics, all it would need would be to build some more facilities.

Who chooses the city to host the Olympics?

Any country/city who wishes to host the Olympics can place a bid. The Olympic Committee then selects one of them.Cities that want to host the Olympics submit bids and then the bids are reviewed by the Olympic committee and are then chosen and informed if they meet the credentials

How does a city get chosen to host the Olympics?

Cities make a bid to the International Olympic Commission requesting to host the Olympics. After making their bid the Commission will take into consideration whether or not the city is capable of handling the Olympics as well as the expenses associated.

What cities have been the host of the modern Olympics?

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How many countries have hosted the Olympics?

For a list of all the host cities, see the related link.

What city in 1996 became the first southern city to host the Olympics?

The 1996 Summer Olympics were held in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta was the fifth American City to host the Olympic Games.

What was the first Latin American country to host the Olympic games?

Mexico is the first and only Latin American country to host the Olympics. It hosted the 1968 Summer Olympics in its capital, Mexico City. Currently, Rio De Janeiro is a final candidate for consideration in hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics.

When did Auckland host the Olympics?

Auckland did not host the Olympics

Could you tell me the smallest nation ever to hold the summer Olympics?

There have been some smaller countries to host the Olympics. In 1912, Sweden (Stockholm) hosted the Games. In 1920, Belgium (Antwerp) was the host and in 1952, Finland (Helsinki) was the host. Today generally large, industrialized countries are selected to host the Olympics due to the large number of tourists expected and the construction of stadiums and venues that are needed for the athletes to compete. Click on the "Olympic Host Cities" link below to see a list of all cities and countries that have hosted the Olympic Games.

Who decides where the Olympics takes place?

The Olympics committee. The cities who want to host it present their offer, and the committee then picks one, after thoroughly looking at their presentations and other factors.

Why is London 2012 being held in London?

London was chosen over other cities to host the summer olympics