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Q: What American League baseball team has most losses in a row?
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What Major League Baseball team has the most losses on TV?

Chicago Cubs

What major league baseball team had the most losses in a season?

Huston astros

Who has won the most pennants in the American League?

The New York Yankees won 40 American League pennants. That is the most in major league baseball.

What is the baseball term AL?

Most probably AL, refers to Major League Baseball's American League. In amateur baseball it may refer to American Legion baseball.

What team holds the record for most losses in a major league baseball season?

Cleveland spiders

What team in the American Baseball League has the most championships?


Who was baseball's most valuable player for the national league in 1998 for the American League?

Sammy Sosa

What is the most popular sport among American teens?

American teens still enjoy America's pastime, baseball, the most. However, Major League Soccer is nearly as popular as Major League Baseball.

Who was baseball the most valuable player for the American League in 1960?

mil gvug

Who should win the major league baseball most valuble player for the American league in 2010?

Josh Hamilton

What MLB team holds the record for most consecutive losses?

American League- 21 consecutive losses by the 1988 Baltimore Orioles National League- 24 consecutive losses by the 1899 Cleveland Spiders (since 1900, the 1961 Philadephia Phillies 23 in a row)

What major league baseball teams have the most losses ever?

As of August 30, 2007 the team with the most franchise losses is the Philadelphia Phillies who have a franchise record of 8835-10017. Second most losses is the Atlanta Braves whose franchise record is 9681-9704.

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