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Alabama is home to a number of professional teams in various sports. The National Basketball Developmental League (NBDL) is an affiliate with the NBA and has teams in Mobile and Huntsville. The Birmingham Power is a member of the National Womens Basketball League (NWBL) and the Birmingham Steeldogs are an Arena League2 football squad. The Birmingham Steel Magnolias are a professional women's football team. There are minor league Baseball clubs at Birmingham, Mobile, and Huntsville, and minor league hockey teams at Birmingham, Huntsville, and Mobile. Two major professional stock car races, the DieHard 500 and the Winston 500, in April and October, respectively, are held at Alabama International Motor Speedway in Talladega. Dog Racing was legalized in Mobile in 1971. Four of the major hunting-dog competitions in the US are held annually in the state.

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Q: What Alabama city has the most sports championships?
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