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Q: What 7 players have played for middlesbrough and real Madrid?
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Players that played premiership and real Madrid?

Players who played for both Real Madrid and Manchester United are David Beckem , Steve McMananan , Ivan Campos.

Who pays for real Madrid's players?

Real Madrid have to pay for their players.

Which players have played in the English leagues and for Real Madrid?


What players have played for Manchester city and real Madrid?


How many African players have played for real Madrid?


Who are the English players who played for Real Madrid?

These following players joined Real Madrid from the E.P.L. Jonathan Wood gate, Michael Owen,David Beckham and Cunningham.

How many Irish players played for Barcelona and Real Madrid?


What Irish men played for real Madrid?

So far there have been no Irish players to wear the white of Real Madrid.

How many Italian players have played for Real Madrid?


What british players that have played for real Madrid?

sorry .. i only know 2 players .. david beckham and Michael OWEN !

English players who have played for real Madrid?

David Beckham, Michael Owen, Jonathan Woodgate.

What players have played for Real Madrid and Manchester United?

ronaldo Owen van nisterlooy beckham