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Three-time champion, Tony Stewart, never won at Darlington Raceway in the Nascar Cup Series. He did win one race in the Nationwide Series at Darlington.

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Q: What 3 time Nascar champion has never won in Darlington?
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Who is a 4 time NASCAR champion?

Jeff Gordon is a four time champion. Jimmie Johnson is the most recent champion (2006,2007,2008,2009 champion).

Who is the current 5-time champion in the Nascar Cup Series?

The current 5 time champion is Jimmie Johnson(2006-2010).

Who was nascar's first three time champion?

lee petty, 1954,1958 and 1959

Current two-time defending NASCAR champion?

Jimmie Johnson, who is now 3 time champion now as of 11-19-08.

What time did the green flag drop at Darlington on May 12 2012?

On May 12, 2012, the green flag dropped at 7:16PM for the Nascar Sprint Cup Series race at Darlington Raceway.

Who is mr jhonson?

One of the BEST drivers in NASCAR. A 3-time Champion sponored by Lowes and Kobalt

Why is race car driver Tony Stewart so famous?

Because he won a lot of races. He is also an IRL champion and a two time Nascar Cup Series champion.

When was rey WWE champion?

He was never the WWE Champion. Rey Mysterio was only a two-time World Heavy Weight Champion.

Is there a famous NASCAR driver from Texas?

The Labonte brothers are from Corpus Christi, Texas. Terry is a two time Nascar Cup Series champion, and his younger brother Bobby won the 2000 championship.

Who was NASCAR's first three-time champion?

Lee Petty was the first driver to win the Nascar championship three times. He won the 1954, 1958 and 1959 Grand National Series titles.

How many Nascar titles has Mark Martin won?

Mark Martin has never won a Nascar title. He was a five time runner-up for the Nascar Cup Series championship.

What is Jimmie Johnson's daughter's name?

The five-time defending NASCAR champion has two daughters, Genevieve Marie and Lydia Norriss.

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