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Q: What 3 teams have never beaten the colts at home?
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What teams have never beaten the Indianapolis Colts at home in regular season?

Don't know if there are multiple teams, but the Houston Texans are (0-10) vs the Colts in Indy.

What team has never beaten the Indianapolis Colts at home?

Probably the Houston Texans.

Which nfl teams have never beat the colts at home in the regular season?

The Texans, Vikings, and the Ravens.

What football teams play home games in cities in the midwestern US?

Indianapolis colts, Denver broncos

Why is super bowl at the colts stadium?

SuperBowls are at different venues every year. It's not played at the teams home fields.

What two teams have the home field advantage for the entire NFL playoffs?

The New Orleans Saints in the NFC and the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC.

Which of these football teams play home games in cities in the mid western US the Indianapolis Colts Denver Broncos Cincinnati Bengals or Buffalo Bills?

That would be the Indianapolis Colts (Indiana) and the Cincinnati Bengals (Ohio).

What color is home jersey for colts?

The Indianapolis Colts wear blue jerseys at home and white jerseys on the road.

What other cities have the Colts called home?

Baltimore is the only other city that the colts have called home. The Colts were established as a franchise in 1946. They moved to Indianapolis in 1984, where they have remained since.

What color is the home jersey for the colts?


Is the Indianapolis Colts home in the Midwest?

yes it is

Was the Indianapolis Colts the away or home team?

They were considered the "Home" Team.

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