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Q: What 2 players have missed 3 consecutive penalty kicks in premiership?
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Who is the only Premier footballer never to score a premiership penalty?

There are loads of people who never scored a penalty, most players don't even take penalties

How many of Alan Shearers premiership goals were penalty kicks?

to tell the truth Alan shearer only missed 5 or 6 penalties in his career

Who has scored most consecutive penalties?

frank lampard of corse.he made it 21 at the weekend against Blackburn has not missed a penalty in 3 years in a row

Which 2 players missed the penalty kick in the 2008 Champions League Final against Manchester United?

It was Chelsea captain john terry .

What is the penalty for missing 3 Friday prayers in a row?

There is no such penalty. Prophet Muhammad said that who missed three consecutive Friday prayers will have the love of Islam removed from his heart. So the best thing, if you have missed, is to offer nafal prayer and ask Allah to pardon you. It is not a sin. You have only been deprived of great virtue.

Has Alan shearer missed a penalty at club level?

Yes he has missed, but not many.

If penalty kick is missed is the ball dead?

During a match, no. If the player misses and the ball remains in play, play continues. If however it is a penalty shoot out and the penalty is missed then yes, the ball is dead.

On three consecutive passes a football team gains 10 yards losses 16 yards and gains 35 yards what is the total net yardage?

45 yards...there's no penalty for a missed pass.

A soccer team made 52 penalty shots out of 100 Which ratio represents successful penalty shots to missed penalty shots?

3 over 25 and 88% missed

What premiership player has not missed a game in the 2008 2009 season?

b rad freidl

Besides Ronaldo who missed their penalty kick in the 2008 Champions League Final against Manchester United?

John Terry also missed his penalty , he had to take it as Drogba was sent of.

Has dirk kuyt ever missed a penalty?

Yes 16