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* Replay the previous shot * Stroke and distance, keeping the point where the ball entered the hazard between you and the flag, drop the ball on either side of the hazard, no nearer the hole. * Two club length drop, from nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole. All the above options carry a one stroke penalty.

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Q: What 2 options are lost from the lateral water hazard?
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If you can not find your ball in a hazard is it considered lost?

This is known as a lateral hazard, it differs from a water hazard as you can drop on either side of the hazard. There are a couple of options;Take a two club length drop, from the nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole.Replay the previous shot, from the previous position.Keep the point where the ball entered the hazard between you and the pin, and go back as far as you like.You do have the option of playing the ball as it lies, but remember, you can not ground you club in a hazard.

If a ball is struck towards a water hazard and cannot be found what is the ruling?

The key thing is you must know that the ball has went into the water hazard. If it has done so you either play another ball from your original positon, take a two club drop from the edge of the hazard or on a line with the pin and where the ball entered take the ball back as far as you want. There is a one shot penalty for hitting it into the water hazard.

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There is two options open to you, they each cost you a penalty stroke. You can replay the ball from the tee (which will be your 3rd shot), or you can take a drop. To take the drop, you can go back as far as you want, keep the point where the ball entered the hazard between you and the flag and drop the ball (the next shot will also be your 3rd). As it is a water hazard, you do not need to get the ball, as long as you saw the ball enter the hazard, you are allowed to play another ball.

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