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Q: What is Wharton’s Rule and how might it apply to RICO?
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Does america rule Puerto Rico?

The United States does rule Puerto Rico.

Who ruling Puerto Rico?

who has the authority to rule puerto rico

What standards does the Privacy Rule apply?

What standards does the Privacy Rule apply

How did American rule of Puerto Rico help Puerto Ricans?

The main way that American rule of Puerto Rico helped Puerto Ricans was to give them freedom. American rule also provided social change.

Why is Catholicism the main religion in Puerto Rico?

Spanish rule at the time Puerto Rico was colonized was Catholic.

Does the US president rule Puerto Rico?


Does the mailbox rule apply to unilateral contracts?

It does not apply.

Is Puerto Rico still a part of the british rule?

Puerto Rico has never been under British rule. The Spanish were the first Europeans to land on Puerto Rico in 1493. The Island was a territory of the Spanish crown until 1898 when the United States took Puerto Rico as stated in the Treaty of Paris at the end of the Spanish American War. Puerto Rico has been a territory of the US ever since.

When did Puerto Rico come under American rule?

In 1898.

Does the Schengen rule apply to tourists returning fro Fermany to the US?

Why does the Schengen rule apply to american tourists returning from Germany to the usa

Did the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico rule on the constitutionality of Puerto Rico's ban on same-sex marriage?

Yes, the supreme court of Puerto Rico upheld the ban on same sex marriage.

Does the 3 day right of rescession rule apply to buying an auto in Tennessee?

Does the 3 day right of rescession rule apply to buying an auto in Tennessee?

Who got freedom from Spanish rule?

Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines.

When the magnetic poles of the earth flip this december then the right hand rule must also apply correct?

The Answer is yes. the Right hand rule, is a rule that can not be broken & must obey the law of Physics. So therefore the right hand rule does apply.

What happens if your cell phone battery falls apart?

The general rule where I work is "If it's in three or fewer pieces you can put it back together". Although, this might not apply to a battery.

What was the act that ended military rule in Puerto Rico?

It is the Foraker Act also known as the First Organic Law in 1900 passed by the congress that ended the military rule in Puerto Rico and set up a civil government by providing a creation of political body called " the people of Puerto Rico", guarenteeing Puerto Rican citizenship and protection from the U.S.

What is the Alegbraic Rule?

There is no one rule to algebra. There are different rules that apply to different functions.

Is Puerto Rico a county?

Puerto Rico is a United States territory, so its not technically a country, but its not a state either. It is called the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and basically has internal self-rule, subject to the Congress of the united States.

What is insertion rule?

The value enter into Datbase to create a table is called insetion. in the rule are apply is called insertion rule.

What is the minimum age you have to be to apply for a car loan?

Although many lenders do not put an age maximum rule in place in their requirement list, the specified minimum age, legal age in most states (minus Alabama, Nebraska, Mississippi and Pietro Rico) would be 18.

Which atom does the duet rule apply to?


Where does the vowel rule not apply?


Does BeH2 violate the octet rule?

The octet rule only applies to elements that are heavy enough to have reached the second shell of electrons. In the first shell, the octet rule does not apply because the first shell is completed with only two electrons, not eight. So no, the octet rule does not apply to beryllium hydride.

How many times student can apply under spp for Canada?

According to rule you can apply once, but if you get rejected you can apply under non-spp

Why is the past tense of hit still hit why does the C-V-C rule not apply?

The CVC rule does not apply because no suffix is added at all, so it is irrelevant to the word in question.