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The all time leader in runs scored is Ricky Henderson with over 2,000 runs in his career, but the record for the most runs scored in one season is 190 set by Babe Ruth.

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Q: What's the most runs ever achieved?
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What is the highest team baseball score in history?

The most runs ever scored by a team in a single game was 36. This was achieved by the Chicago White Sox on June 6, 1897.

Who had the most home runs ever?

Babe Ruth had th most home runs

Who scored the most runs in test cricket?

The most runs in Test Cricket is scored by the Indian Batsman Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. He also has achieved the record of most runs in ODI's . There are many other record on his name apart from these.

Who was the first batsman to have achieved 300 runs in an innings in test?

Andy Sandham of england who had achieved 300 runs in an innings in test?

What is the most runs ever given up in a major league baseball season?

The most runs ever given up in a MLB season was 1,252 runs. This occurred in Cleveland's 1899 National League Season. The second most was 1,235 runs in 1890 by Philadelphia.

What is the most runs a batsman can score with one bowled to them in cricket?

The most runs that a batsman can score in one shot is six, achieved by hitting the ball over the boundary without making contact with the ground.

Who hit the most home runs ever in a season?

Barry Bonds hit the most home runs in a season with 73 in 2001.

What is the record for most RBI in a career in MLB?

The record is 2,297 runs batted in. This astonishing feat was achieved by Henry "Hank" Aaron.

What was the most home runs the Yankees ever hit in one year?


Who made maximum runs in ipl?

The most runs ever made in ipl are by chennai super kings i.e 249

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