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In Basketball you use a larger ball, a court, a backboard, a net, and you play in 2 teams.

In Golf you use a much smaller ball, a course, golf clubs, a hole in the grass, and its every man for themselves.

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Q: What's the difference between basketball and golf?
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a golf ball is a typ of ball use on grass sand or even anywhere a tennis ball is when you hit with it and it bounce

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There is no difference, they are the same.

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The key difference between the two is in the layout. In particular the type of grass they use and the look and feel.

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A demo club is the exact same as a retail one, but the demo ones are usually given to the shop/store for free and are not for resale.

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I think what you mean is "What is the difference between a 10.5 degree golf driver and a 9.5 degree golf driver?" A higher degreed driver will give you more loft, so the ball will go higher

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