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Not much, if at all. Dribbling with a Golf ball requires different hand movements and grips than if you were dribbling a Basketball.

Dribbling a basketball everyday or a soccer ball would work, but not so much a golf ball.

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Q: Will dribbling with a golf ball everyday like a basketball improve your point guard skills?
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What sentence can you give me with dribbling?

I must improve my dribbling skills considerably, if I want to be on our high school's basketball team this year.This stream is reduced to merely dribbling from the alcove during the summer months.

Definition of basketball skills?

The definition of basketball skills is different things a basketball can do. Some skills a basketball player does is dribbling, throwing, passing, jumping, shooting and running.

What are the Skills in basketball?

Dribbling Shooting Defence stealing blocking passing

What skills are used in basketball after you stop dribbling the ball?

pivit, shoot or pass

What skills to be a pro basketball player?

well a good shouter and good accurate aim dribbling skills

How do you improve dribbling skills in soccer?

to improve your dribbling you should make sure you do keep ups every day for 20 minutes to improve ball control then to improve dribbling touch the ball with the inside of you left foot then the outside of your right foot then the inside of your right foot then the outside of your left foot and so on. This improve's dribbling a lot if you do it consistently.

Why do they have basketball drills?

They have basketball drills so you cacn improve on your basketball skills. This comes in use when you are in a game, you use the skills you learnt.

How do you improve basketball skills?


What are basketball drills for?

Basketball drills help enhance your basketball skills. From anywhere such as dribbling, passing, shooting, defense, play-making, etc. These drills will help you on the court when you play any basketball related game.

How do you simulate basketball plays?

By learning them first to improve your skills?

How can you improve your skills in speaking English?

By practicing and using it everyday.

How can you improve your ball handling skills?

By doing drills such as two-ball dribbling one hand high one low, etc...