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Q: Were should you go to become a sports agent?
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How do you become a sports agent?

go to collage and moon people and take craps

How do you get a job as a sports agent?

you go online and then type in, How do I become a sports agent? and then click on the first thingy that says, "Sports Agent Course - Become A Sports Agent and then find your way from there. Have a great day!P.S.(Use, not anything else) ( is awesome!) :)

Where would be the best collage to go to become a sports agent?

is Asu or Sdsu in New York.

What do you need to major in to become a sports agent?

you should major in sports management and then go to law school. you dnt need a sports management degree and u dnt need a law degree..basically anythin in business is fine

How do you become a secret agent club penguin?

You have to go to the ski village and go to the winter sports shop where the sign says "everyday phoning facility". When you are in, click on the computer and it will make you take a test. Complete it and you will become a secret agent on club penguin.

What college should I go to if I want to become an FBI agent and which classes should I take along with should I do?

You can go to any college that has a degree in justice and if accepted into the FBI you would go through their training before becoming an agent.

What should someone go to school for to become a radio sports broadcaster?

broadcast journalism

How old do you have to be to become a travel agent?

To become a successful travel agent, you first must go to school for travel agents. This means that you must be 18 to become an agent.

What college do you need to go to become a CIA agent?

West Point Academy is a very good college to go to become a CIA agent

What do you do if you want to get an autograph from a football player?

Go to a game, contact his sports agent, look on Ebay, go to a sports collectables shop.

What collage should you go to to become a WWE Diva?

you will need another mojor so go to one with a good sports section

Club penguin how do you be a secret agent?

Need help in becoming a secret agent? First click the MAP and go to the Ski Village Go to the Everyday Phoning Facilty (where the Ski And Sports shop once was)and you will be given a test. After the test you become an agent! Need help in finding the Ski and Sports Catalouge? go to the stadium and you will see a purple catalog on the downright corner.

How do you become a singer at 13?

Get an agent and go to auditions.

What duties does a sports agent perform for a professional athlete?

an atheltes agent does basically everything for him/her. an agent will schedule an individual practice and will negotiate trades. but if a college athlete hooses not to hire an agent, he has the choice as if he wants to go to the team he's drafted by or not. so lets say your in college playing football, and you wanna eter the draft and you choose not to hire an agent, and you want to go to the saints and the bears draft you, you have the choice, do u wanna go to the bears, or do u wanna become a free agent.

How do you become a clearing agent?

go to a job centre and ask there and if there are any positions available they should ask you for a cv and a letter of application and you should be able to get the job.

How does a person become a CIA agent?

There is much training needed to become a CIA agent. You will first need to go to college and receive a Bachelors at the minimum.

Were do you go to be agent on Club Penguin?

You click on the top right corner of the screen. Then you answer the questions and the you become an agent.

How do you become a secret agent on clubpengin?

if you are a certain number of days old, you go to the moderator button, and there will be a choice asking if you want to be a secret agent. click it to take the test to become a secret agent.

How can you become a Dallas cowboy football player?

Either go to college and excel at football, and hope they draft you...or find a way to get a free-agent tryout if you think you have professional football skills. Either way, you could probably use a good sports agent.

How do you get the first mission in club penguin?

When you become an agent you should get your first mission when you start click on your phone teleport to the HQ and go get your mission!

Where is the secret passage for secret agents on club penguin?

You go to the sports shop and if you wave over the curtains you should see metal bars that unlock then you click to go in this will only work if you are a secret agent

How do you get medals on clubpenguin?

You get medals on Clubpenguin by doing missions. How you get to do a mission is by being an agent. But to be an agent, you have to go to the old Sports Shop and do the test. If you pass it, you get to be an agent and you can get all the medals on each mission.

How do you become a spy agent what qualifications do you need?

dr. doofenschmirtz is up to something go get 'em agent p

Secret agent on club penguin?

when you go onto the homepage there should be two penguins in agen suits and then on the bottom it will say become an agent or something like that and then click on that. You will have to do a test to see if you are smart enough to become an agent. You may not become an agent though!Good luck!until then...... waddle on CP..

What kind of education or training do you need to become a sports scout?

To become a sports doctor you need to go to high school,collage, and medical school.

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