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In the tackle scenarion. When a ruck, maul, scrum or lineout forms, a player who is offside and is retiring as required by Law remains offside even when the opposing team wins possession and the ruck, maul, scrum or lineout has ended. The player is put onside by retiring behind the applicable offside line. No other action of the offside player and no action of that player's team mates can put the offside player onside.

If the player remains offside the player can be put onside only by the action of the opposing team. There are two such actions:

An Opponent runs 5 metres with ball. When an opponent carrying the ball has run 5 metres, the offside player is put onside. An offside player is not put onside when an opponent passes the ball. Even if the opponents pass the ball several times, their action does not put the offside player onside.

An Opponent kicks. When an opponent kicks the ball, the offside player is put onside.

Related links will take you to the IRB rules covering the range of offside and on side regulations

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Q: Were is the off side line in rugby when a player is tackled also if the player laid with his or her arms reached out towards their scrum half.?
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Why does a rugby player need balance?

Balance is important for a Rugby player so that s/he may remain on their feet in a ruck, remain standing when tackled, and perform moves such as side steps.

What do you say to not get tackled in rugby?

Say: "I don't want to play rugby"

When is friction not needed in rugby?

so you dont get tackled

What is the breakdown in rugby?

It is when you have the ball and you get tackled and you feed the ball out to your halfback

What are violations in rugby?

Penalties in Rugby Union include (but are not limited to my recalled list): offsides playing the ball on the ground high/dangerous tackling leaving your feet in a ruck not throwing the ball in straight in a line-out feigning a throw in a line-out using hands to play the ball in a ruck/scrum (unless the player is the scrum half) forward pass playing the ball forward with any part of the body other than the player's leg/foot (referred to as a 'knock on') not releasing the ball upon being tackled entering a ruck/maul from the side collapsing a maul wheeling a scrum making a play on a player without possession of the ball shielding the ball after being tackled (no attempt by grounded player to leave ruck) There are entirely different laws in the sport of Rugby League

How do you rugby tackle?

You grab the guy with the ball around the legs while he is running and if he falls over or stops you have tackled him

What is underwater rugby?

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What is the differrance to rugby and American football?

They are different in sll ways except that the ball is the same shape, a goal is kicked, and people are tackled.

Can players pass the ball in any direction in rugby?

In rugby the ball is only able to be passed backwards to a player in a position behind where you are standing. You are not allowed to pass the ball forward otherwise the opposition will get the ball in the form of a scrum at the position you passed the ball forward

What are the players of rugby called?

Rugby Players

What is a ruck?

In rugby, a loose scrum formed around the ball when it is on the ground .

What rugby players surname begins with the letter q?

Pat Quinn - English Rugby Player Charles Quade - New Zealand Rugby Player D.L.J Quigley - Canadian Rugby Player